OMEGA MAYNE is the longly awaited hit single from sydney aussie rapper TREM (a.k.a. Trem Wunners, Tremmy, Ice-Tream). fans have complained long and hard about his solo album (i have provided you a countdown timer on my blog!) but has this song been enough to wet their appitite?

we from a long lost planet where rap is real (editors note: Earth)
still intact and untapped by the mass appeal

The song has a stomping beat with a rolling bassline that was produced by none other than my boy PROWLER. sound like some shit from a horror movie soundtrack by DR DRE!

I like the lyrics in this song becoz TREM is doing what he does best...calling out the clowns in the scene! apparantly Trem doesnt give a shit about mainstream success, he'd rather be broke and have a hole lot of respect which is why he charges the low low price of $48 (inc postage and handling) for a CD single BUT WAIT THERES MORE u also get a t-shirt with Trems name on it so you can pretend to be trem when you jerk off in front of your bedroom mirror listening to OMEGA MAN. Alpha as fuck!

as alwayz...dont take my word for it.


story about my frend

I had a friend and he loved Sonic R. He couldn’t stop playing it. I told him to stop. I told
him it wasn’t healthy! He didn’t listen and now he’s gone.

It was a simple party to celebrate a birthday. Everyone was having a good time. I
walked up stairs to head to the bathroom. I saw a bright light come from a room, I
opened the door to see my friend playing Sonic R, over and over again and even
worse he was using Tails doll. I tried to snatch him away from the cursed game; he
lurched back and continued to play. I walked back downstairs to continue the party.
About 3 hours later I had passed out, as I awoke bodies were scattered across the
floor, blood everywhere I looked, but I did not see my friend. I rushed upstairs as my
heart had stopped. I looked inside, all I saw was my friend. His eyes were large and
black. He just sat there. When I tried to talk to him he interrupted me, he was
mumbling the Sonic R theme. He had become the Tails doll.


hot and not list: shoes

1. Traval Fox Barracuda (and all others)
2. Nike Air Jordans
3. (black) Fila Tourissmo
4. Anything by Troop
5. British Knights (all ranges)
6. LA Gear (hilarious)
7. Reebok Pump
8. Nike Air Pressure (you've got to pump the bastards up)
9. Hi-Tec (never seen a good pair yet)
10. Jordache (no exit)

1. Adidas Samba
2. Puma Argentina
3. Adidas S.L. 80's
4. Adidas Stan Smith
5. Adidas Forest Hills
6. Adidas Trim Trab
7. Adidas Shell-Toes
8. Diadora Borg Elite
9. Adidas Gazelle
10. Puma States

bukkcity mixtape review

who is bukkcity? "some fag, i dunno" may be the typical response. the truth is we dont know. we have seen a lot of oz rappers pretending to be american thugs but bukkcity is the opposite! how ironic. ive emailed a copy of this album to the federal police just in case.


the bukkcity 'underdog' mixtape is based on the movie "underworld" its about niggers, crime and corruption, basically. the story is about some gangsterland gangsters who sold drugs and got caught by the cops (SPOILER). i havent seen the tv show and i dont live in sydney so i cant speak on the accuracy of that

the beats are all jacked (stolen) so u know its dat raw shit...bukkcity doesnt give a fuk if he gets sued becoz he'll probly be dead soon anyway. but the beats are dope and banging anyway. his style is a cross between sarr and 50 cent so youve got all bases covered there...the whole range of dope gangsters. there is a fair bit of swearing and adult themes and violence on the album, id describe it as rugged and raw drug gangsterland pimp shit.

some random one liners that sum up the mixtaep:
"im from tha city we do shit"
"i drive a spaceship. nigga 2008 shit"
"u might have nightmares but we never wake from our dreams"
"we get free entry, free drinks and a fat bitch"

oh, and btw there are lots of gunshot sound effects on this album so be warned. just letting u know so u dont freak out.

mind over matter review


are the hot new thing from melb label NURCHAR RECORDZ which is home to many super rappers and super groups like gangstor raper "bevan b" and "double" [check out my dubs] so expectaions are V V high for this CD [somecall it the new hotness]


the ppl in MINDS OVAR M@TTER are MC SIMLES adn DJ WILLOW and sum others who also made tha beatz

for a long time folks hav asked me 'forum n00b when are we gonna see a rapgroup who have the style of hilltop hoods and funk oars and are also staunch faggots in there own right???' well the answer is here becoz mind ovar mattor are basicly a rip off of all ozzie rap and there wearing there pants wayyy too tight to GIVE A FUCK what u think

the cover "ART" for this CD is SIMLES and WILLOW making a funny face a t tha camera... wow how ORIGINAL! did u notice the NURCHAR RECORDS shirt? [size=5]its caled PRODUKT PLACEMANT!

they also have to to wear clothes picked out for them by a sponsor
every1 in rap has a sponsor your not cool unles u hav a sponsor!!!! i herd these fags go to fashion shows with KANYE WEST and PUFF DIDDY in the hamptans. they cant even leave there house with out asking their sponsor first lol

oh yeh speaking of KANYE the singel from this cd is called PROUD and i'ts the ARROGANT rap song i hav heard since JAY WESS AND THE FAGSTREET BOYS PLAYED A GAY CLUB AT UNION SQUARE fuckers

the rap styles of MINDS OVER MATTAR are like crossed btween the gay guy from OUTCAST adn QTIP from DELA SOUL with a big big dose of HILLTOP HOODZ thrown in tha mix excxept they are 14 years old and more anoying

listening to this is like being stung by a bee. there are sum dope bass lines but realy not enuff to distract from the anoying lyrics i give it 2 stars out of 5 its really like a produkt placement for nurchar and its a DISGRACE how ppl listen to these fags instead of propa underground rap they shud be sponsored by my fist in their face



my day

I can't believe my mum stooped so low...

My mum called my doctor and said to him "What's the most accurate measurement for weighing?"
The doctor said "An underwater weighing test"
And just like that, my mum said "Yes. When can my son and my daughter can take it?" and the doc said "Today at 2pm."

So, I didn't bother taking a shower and so did my sister too, so I had to get into a special swimming suit(tight pants...Ugh).

My sister said "Can I pull my hair down to a ponytail?" The doctor said "No."
So my sister with her long, blonde hair went underwater with 8 seconds and had she must enjoyed it..but I didn't.

editorial on the scene

Aussie hiphop has developed two succinct cultures now..

two very different sub-cultures existing under the same wide banner.. but who hate each other..

the two groups are firstly those who are genuinely poor and hardtrodden in life and who turned ot hiphop to get shit off their chest and vent and along the way loved it and started being creative with it.. these people come form all wlaks of life and have no agendas.. no plans for fame.. no major dreams.. they just love what they do.. and many members of this group that i know of personally have now travelled the world with their art or music..dudes in this group you can tell a secret to and it will never surface.. thats the first group..

the second group.. are dudes who do nothing but make trouble.. from drugs to crime.. its all they do.. they never have positive shit to offer kids or others in hiphop.. they never wanna change.. and they're the most unreliable mates you could have in life.. to them hiphop is only about rep and being hardcore as they live that life.. to them its all about THEM .. and they usually have little creativity to offer anyone.. but sadly.. they tend to dictate terms as they have the power to stand over others.. members of this group tend to spend time being restricted or years on the dole as they fuck themselves up just that little bit more till its too far gone.. you will find these are the biggest dissers.. tell these guys a secret and its going postal..


seasons greetings

christmas we go hard, we go hard
christmas we go hard, we go hard



kanye that is not cool. its exactly what my dad would say if he ever went to the club.


Hugh Jackman DIES in Oprah Stunt

IT was meant to be the grand entrance of all entrances - but Hugh Jackman's flying fox swoop into the Oprah Show took a tragic turn. Jackman was nearing the stage of the Opera House when he struck a chainsaw, severing his legs.

Oprah rushed to Jackman’s aid, making light of his injury. "Bono was meant to do this but they couldn’t afford the insurance," she told the 6000- strong audience. Jackman remained calm and asked for a last cigarette as he lay on the stage bleeding "That was too much fun. It was okay until the end". with his children watching in the audience and visibly upset, Oprah told the audience: "Oh we’re going to see that on the news, over and over again".

He was pronounced dead soon after paramedics arrived on the scene, the massive bloodloss combined with the slow medical response was too much for his body to handle. Undeterred by the actor's death and protests from the audience, Oprah insisted on finishing her show. One distressed fan had to be pulled back by police after making a lunge for the TV star as she waved to fans from her departing motorcade. Several fans chased her car around Circular Quay, throwing bottles and rocks at her. Oprah is staying under police guard at the American embassy.

Oprah has come under fire from the Australian government for lax safety precautions at he site of the live Australian taping of her show. The placement of props such as chainsaws around the flying fox path was described as "an accident waiting to happen" by Prime Minister Julia Gillard who expressed her shock and sadness following the fatal freak accident. This isn't the first time safety standards Oprah's show has been criticized; in 2001 Gary Coleman suffered a broken leg after sustaining a savage beating at the hands of Oprah. Fans had been hounding her during her Australian visit since a trip to Sydney's Taronga Zoo where she accidently sat on a baby koala which later died.

News of Jackman's death quickly spread through the use of social networking websites Facebook and Twitter, with many fans thinking the news was a hoax or April fools joke. Tributes flowed onto the internet as his dead was confirmed. Friend and rapper Snoop Dogg tweeted "All dogs go to heaven homie. Jackman you will be missed, one of the greats. R.I.P".

Hugh Jackman will be remembered as one of the greatest Australian actors of all time and one of the elite few who made it in Hollywood. He was known for his role as Wolverine in the X-Men series of movies, as well as for his leads in Kate & Leopold, Van Helsing, The Prestige, and Australia. Jackman was a singer, dancer, and actor in stage musicals, winning a Tony Award for his role in The Boy from Oz.

In November 2008, Open Salon and People magazine both named Jackman one of the sexiest men alive.

Jackman was involved with several high profile charity causes including the Global Poverty Project. He was a vocal supporter of Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus.


they drove it like its hot, end of an era

Gay hip hop icons WEAPON X and KEN HELL have reportedly died in a car accident according to popular news website wikipedia.

They will be remembered for songs like OTHERMAN (the ARIA chart BLOCKBUSTER hit) and SCRAPIN WIT A BEEZY ON THIZZ IN DA BAY as well as their work for blacksonblondes.com. They're sneaker pimping in the sky now.



in my new regular feature THE SMOKING ROOME! i will discussing the finer things in life for mature rap gansternados like myself...starting with JOHNNY WALKER RED LABEL. CLASSY!

RED LABEL is one of the finest maltey whisky blendz available at your local drive through bottle shop. u can tell its the best quality because it has real gold on the label. it has a texture like no other drink i have tasted, i declare it to be the nectar of the gods. red label was discovered by john walker when he mixed sum different alcahols together and let them sit in a barrell in his basemant for about 50 years and the legend was born so he put a red label on it

the best way to drink is with a shitload of pepsi and about 10 ice cubes. another fun idea is to mix some into your instant coffee, i call it nescafe blend 9000

red label is best enjoyed with a smoothe cigar from your local smokestore which makes u extra coool (if your mum will allow u to smoke in your room!!! not bloody likely!!!!!!)

this guy is a scotch expert and he likes it so much he drinks 2 bottles at once...what more proof do u need??



Bill Cosby has passed away? looks legit to me

this is tha big news from popular website OPEN-B, it looks like the day we have all been dreading has finally come!

Prominent comedian Bill Cosby was killed this morning in a tragic car accident in South Central Los Angeles. Coroner Russell Roberts said the 73-year-old Cosby sustained the fatal injuries in a multi-car crash. He was pronounced dead at Pikeville Medical Center.
The cause of the crash was blamed on the cell phone he was using to update his Twitter feed while driving. It is thought that he was not paying attention when his Lexus swerved into an oncoming truck. "There was really nothing we could do to help him, the damage to his brain was too severe" said Dr. Rothschild who performed an emergency operation on Mr Cosby. One other driver remains in a critical condition following the accident.
The routines that Grammy and Emmy award winning Cosby performed on his best-selling records in the 60s are still remembered word for word today. His pioneering television programs were huge hits, season after season. Cosby will also be remembered for his contributions to organisations such as The Jazz Foundation of America. His good-natured, fatherly image made him a popular personality and garnered him the nickname of Americas Dad. Tributes flowed onto the internet from around the world after the news of Cosbys death was reported by Dan Rathers on CNN. MTV will be holding a special memorial for him on Monday.
"First its Eazy-E then its then Bill Cosby" tweeted Dave Chapelle, a lifelong friend of Cosby.



sum ppl hav been aksing me about if jayz is a freemason or the popes nigga
this video proves it. enjoy. and check out my new youtube channel!!!!



I have been away for some time now. The reason for this may come as a surprise to some of you, but I believe it will be a pleasant one.

I will detail it all here when I have gathered the salient facts, of which I have few and almost all are confused. The bare truth of the incident is, however, unconfused, and as clear to me as my own flesh and blood. It is what we all strive for here, even if we do not always all believe in it. I hope this will bring enlightenment to you as it did to me. I have done it - albeit only temporarily and entirely by accident.

I have been to the Digital world.



IN my new series of regular posts exposing clowns and haters in the hip hop scene i am bringing u the story of KANYE WESTS collabo with teenage actress/pop princess JUSTINE BIEBER...

Kanye got the idea of lacing a beat with Bieber when they ran into each other at the laser car wash and became facebook buddies. Bieber was recently arrested in las vegas for cocaine posession but Kanye broke her out of jail.

for the beat, "producer" kanye west jacked a beat from wutang because he thought noone would notice. Biebers voice has been described as being like MICHAEL JACKSON (R.I.P) on this track.

the opinion of fans is as always divided...with some threating to burn down biebers house and rape kanye west. it was reported that the Bieber cried after reading comments online about the song.

here are some comments from the haters who i am calling out, SHAME ON YOU

"Bieber is terrible. Utter trash. AWFUL
if you cut him out, and probably kanye too, then the track would be ok.
-Headlock (well known hater and clown in the scene)

"Justin is the only good thing on the song, but you have to sit thru that no talent thug mumbling and talking his way thru the verses before Justin sprinkles his magic on the song."
-bitch from popular eating website Popeater.com

"hahahaha oooo im so fuckin scared bitch. and bitch im fuckin mexican and role with bp ight hoe.! i got a black guy so dont trip. matter fact your the stupid one here bcuz your the low life tht actually replies bitch wanna catch a fade dont trip leva i got you on check.! go suck a cock and eat shit fuckin looser and like i said wanna tlk shit say it in my face hoe nothing hold you back. come down to my block i aint scared homie.! fuck you and your shit im out.! aratos foo.!"
-KiddohDaisy of youtube


M-Phazes disses HILLTOP HOODS

notorious hack and fruityloops banger M-PHAZES has recently dissed the well respected aussie hip hoppers HILLTOP HOODS...here is the quote

"they’re not going to get looked at in the same way as a big artist ... Their music isn’t going to stand up in that environment ... the production values are very basic and very thin-sounding"

keep in mind that M-PHAZES is a hat wearing faggot who had to run away to america becoz he couldnt even make it in aussie hip hop (it was too real for him). apparently he was too busy ghost riding his escalade to listen to the new HILLTOP HOODS album which sound like audio gold...the true nectar of the gods given down to us from rap heaven.

....................but dont take my word for it

R.I.P Ray Romano, the day the music died

REPORTS have surfaced that comic legend RAY ROMANO has died. here is the link to the news websites...

The Hamburg Township Police Department is investigating whether a drug overdose caused the death of popular comedian Ray Romano this morning.

Family members found Romano unresponsive and without a pulse early Sunday morning at his estate. They went to look for him after he posted a call for help on his twitter page. First responders were able to revive Romano, but sources close to the family suggest he died after being transported to the University of Michigan Medical Center in Ann Arbor. Romano’s family said the man had no history of substance abuse. The exact cause of death remains unknown and is still under investigation.

The routines that Emmy award winning Romano performed are still remembered word for word today. His pioneering television programs were huge hits, season after season. Romano will also be remembered for his contributions to organisations such as The Basketball Foundation of America and initiatives to stop kids smoking crack. His good-natured, fatherly image made him a popular personality and garnered him the nickname of “America’s Dad”. Tributes flowed onto the internet from around the world after the news of Romano’s death was reported by Dan Rathers on CNN. MTV will be holding a special memorial for him on Monday.

“First it’s MJ then it’s then Ray Romano” tweeted Andrew Daddo, actor and lifelong friend of Romano.


welcome to my new blog guise

i started this cause my angelfire websight that i worked on for 4 years was deleted for "terms of service violation" whatever that means

here i will be bringing u all the latest news from the oz hip hop scene



originally posted in 2006

hi guyz I got another request. today Im going to talk about another aussie rapper called SARR. he is only an internet rapper! im going to review the tracks on his soundclick page.



SARR is a young mc from melbourne. when he is not at school or reading books in the library (he has read the art of war!!1!1!) he does rap. he left NURCHA records and is looking for a new label so if anyone out there runs a record label, give this guy a go!

the first song is called 'I WILL RISE'. it has cool lyricz metaphors like "you fall in love like a shit cunt". the flow is dope and the beat is hype. it is about his life in the struggle as a thug and drug dealer. sarr grew up around drugs and street fights. i wonder has he ever killed a man? it is unknown. do a song about it, sarr!

'POWER' is another song. it features PROFANITY. the flow is dope and the beat is fire. this is just another song about all the people who hate sarr.

i think he has a album coming out 'the futures infected 2' (GET IT SARR SOUNDS LIKE SARS LOL "INFECTED"). it is supposedly "THE MOST TALKED ABOUT STREET LP IN AUS HIP HOP. DISSING AND REVEALING THE CLOWNS IN THE SCENE". what more can i say. i cant wait!

sarr is in the rap game and here to stay! some say sarr is the australian 50 cent. any record label would be smart to sign sarr because 50 cent is a PLATINUM RAPPER in the USA. nurcha must be crazy not to sign sarr! I recommend him to anyone who is a fan of 50 cent.

sarr is a controversial character on the forums! so dont take my word for it. heres what others sare saying:

Liam_Lloyd says:
sorry but your rubbish. i aint gonna ride ur dick like everybody else tho.
its cats like you that kill this industry. talk yourself up n diss everybody. [sic]

dM says:
Beats fucking nuts. [sic]

Daino says:
the hook needs alot more work, this is australian hip hop not 50 cent rip off's. that being said as usual really liked profs verse. Dont really like the whole staunch thing but thats me others might. dissing people wont get anywhere but peeps spleans in their laps. keep it up keen to hear the album when it drops. [sic]

Emulate says:
i think vocals are to loud [sic]

REPORT: hilltop hoods - the calling

originally posted in 2006

it had to happen. i am now reviewing one of the greatest aussie hip hop albums evar!

THE CALLING is the debut album from adelaide duo HILLTOP HOODS. they are made up of pressure and suffer. some say the calling is the best aussie hip hop evar! i dunno about that so lets get started with my in depth review now.

there is a man with a samurai sword on the cover and this sets the tone for the CD. unfortunately this was done better by the wu tang clan 5 years ago and is getting a bit old to have martial arts with hip hop. pressure and suffer are also pictured looking very "STAUNCH" (hmm...just like tornts). they like to dress like the rap crew NWA.

musically the album is really diverse and quite long. my head was nodding right at the intro to some cool samples. then the first song TESTIMONIAL YEAR starts up WOW. they only thing they are testing is my patience with a song that is much too long. hill top hoods like to rap about hip hop and how long they have been rapping.

a stand-out-track is called DUMB ENOUGH. there is some DJ SCRATCHING in this song. this was played on the radio and i can see why. this is another song that got in the hot 100 because people love it and its funny. thumping bassline and horns are very cool. "ITS A SWAN!" I dont get it but i LAWLED SO HARD at this!.

another song that was played on the radio (including ON NOVA!!1!!!!!1) is THE NOSEBLEED SECTION. the nosebleed section means the highest seats in a stadium btw. there is a cool flute sample plus a nice bassline and the horns are cool. this is the BEST oz hip hop EVAR. people love it so much it got played on NOVA and it became the triple j most requested song EVAR. what more can I say? release it as a single, guys! you will be rich! you can also get this for your ringtone.

the longest song is THE CERTIFICATE. this song features many rappers that are friends of hill top hoods. i dunno who they are but it has a cool beat with a bassline and horns. cool!

after this there is a silly song called HILLTOP HOODS. it is pointless and short so i skipped it. it needed some horns and a bassline!

the rest of the songs are very dope as well. the boys have done a great job with the beats and dj scratching. the basslines and horns are really cool.

i heard there is also a secret track but it wouldnt play in realplayer program lol sry.

this is NOT your average american gangsta rap dominated by bitches, money and cars. the HILL TOP HOODS are rapping about australian things like swans and drinking beer in an original way. it is only a matter of time before these guys get a record deal!!!
I recommend this to anyone! 5/5 awesome dope CD best EVAR!

but dont take my word for it! here are some of the interesting reviews from around the interweb:

Jim says:
This album has tracks that utilise not only traditional hip-hop samples such as horns and basslines, but also makes excellent use of melody and rhythm whilst remaining true to the hip-hop sound.

G Force says:
A perfect blend of funky, extremely listenable beats combined with lyrics that are witty, intelligent and grab you the whole verse, hook then back again. Quite possibly the tightest, most professional Australian release to date, as was expected.

Awbs says:
i really like the calling.

Blazed1 says:
For a group thats been rapping for ten years these guys are pathetic, "Step on up if your dumb enough" this has got to be one of the worst hooks I have ever heard. If these are the countries most respected hip hop artists then somebody shoot Austrailian hip hop now, please.
Am I the only one who sees how bad they are? editors note: YES you are
You people would not know true hip hop if it put it's size 10 up your ass. Go buy Rawkus Records Soundbombing III, that is real.
Aussie hop hop is stuck in the 80's, get your shit together coz I know you can do better.

Glen Young says:
I love this album its very funky got some good freestyling and always get your head bouncing

isha#2 says:
the hill top hoods album "the calling" is tops. there beats are "banging" and there lyrics are "front" and there just a killah group.
"nose bleed section" is rool

REPOST - Torntz

originally posted in 2006

tornts is another auzzie rapper (oh wow how many of these dudes are there now huh?!!!). some say he is staunch. others say his parents were cruel to him as a child and he has no friends.
the intro on the tornts album is scary and features tornts swearing profesely. the beats are supposed to be dark but let me tell you tornts is no kanye west and doesnt really impress me with his beats.
"recording death threats over eerie music" is a lyric that describes this release. unfortunately he is not able to back up his threats with violence.
dresswise, tornts is known to dress as a PE teacher for some reason. on the cover art of the album he is wearing a raincoat i dunno why. he really is silly with his metrosexual ways of lifestyle.
i think tornts is a soft rapper compared to my favourite rappers hijack and torch and bones because let it be said that he cannot hold a flow like butterfingers or the hilltop hoods.
tornts is challenging to listen to and some may even call his listeners metrosexuals because of their clothes and taste in homos. it is a good album to pick up for your sister or a friend you dont like lol.

but dont take my word for it. heres wot others are saying:

James Dorahy says
This is a unique album and it has to be said one that is distinctively Australian. I canĂ¢€™t see music of this type being released from any other country. Decimation Recordings will undoubtedly alienate some listeners. Due to its harsh content and minimalist beats some people will not get the satisfaction that I personally got from this outstanding release.

Drake says
staunch can be alright, but on a quick listen tornts didnt amaze me. i should give the cd a good listen one of these days

Spyro Witherdale says
tornts is quite the emotional rapper he makes merryweather look like necro

REPOST: butterfingerz

originally posted 11-7-2006

DJ butterfingers
is a aussie raper. his songs get played on triple j and made it into the hot 100 last year. well done! the debut album is called breakfast at fatboys.
butterfingers must be obese (but he is not signed to obese records.......YET). apart from rapping he can also do punk and rock, something most rappers dream of.
butterfingers music is funny its like the rapping wierd al yankovic. he raps about when his house burns down and he loses his job lol. there is also a guitar solo.
but dont take my word for it. heres what others are saying...........

Katy rates it 5/5
fabulous album, each songs seemingly brilliant with a tight, unique and amusing concept unravelling as it plays...may its obscenities touch us all

Jordy rates it 4/5
haven't heard the whole album yet
but 'i love work' and 'yo mama' are ace

Luke Harrison rates it 5/5
Awesome stuff, very versatile, always humorous and quirky. Great album to break up that single genre monotony

REPOST: pegz - axis

originally posted 11-7-2006

PEGS is a rapper also knowsn as pegasuz from sydney, ausralia. his album features lots of catchy words and lyrics as well as the beats that he produced all by himself at his plutonic lab studio.
the main reason OBESE RECORDS label released this is because of the song featuring hilltop hoods. it also features some of my favourite rappers hijack and torch.
did you know pegs is a teacher?!!!!!!!! amazing.
recently he has won the annual DMC championship in america. well done pegs. you rock m/
but dont take my word for it, heres what other people are saying..

Guero rates it 1/5
I've heard wholemeal bread make wittier comments on today's society

Hugh rates it 3/5
All in all a pretty average effort. "Back Then " is pretty awesome though. At least its on obese records-"fatter then your mama".

btrail rates it 5/5
This is a mad album, didnt really get into it when i first bought it but after a few listens i found my favorite songs and they are, no 2 chechin gorilla, no 5 with Hilltops This is for life, no 6 what would happen, no 7 fuckin wit pegz and no 13 living on earth dope song. this is a wicked album good production and and performance. pegz is wicked owner of obese and as someone said the godfather of aussie hip hop, he is doin it for the luv of the music and supporting the artists to the max. PROPS PEGZ...... you get 5

Sharni rates it 3/5
Only heard the first few tracks...a girls got to sleep...but they were awesome...Aussie hip hop is happen and its great to listen and hear things so relatable to your own life and memories....lovin it

Tom rates it 1/5
Highly un-original, smacks far too much of the Hilltop Hoods or 1200 Techniques.

miq rates it 4/5
this is album is dope fresh. like a cold mango.