REPORT: hilltop hoods - the calling

originally posted in 2006

it had to happen. i am now reviewing one of the greatest aussie hip hop albums evar!

THE CALLING is the debut album from adelaide duo HILLTOP HOODS. they are made up of pressure and suffer. some say the calling is the best aussie hip hop evar! i dunno about that so lets get started with my in depth review now.

there is a man with a samurai sword on the cover and this sets the tone for the CD. unfortunately this was done better by the wu tang clan 5 years ago and is getting a bit old to have martial arts with hip hop. pressure and suffer are also pictured looking very "STAUNCH" (hmm...just like tornts). they like to dress like the rap crew NWA.

musically the album is really diverse and quite long. my head was nodding right at the intro to some cool samples. then the first song TESTIMONIAL YEAR starts up WOW. they only thing they are testing is my patience with a song that is much too long. hill top hoods like to rap about hip hop and how long they have been rapping.

a stand-out-track is called DUMB ENOUGH. there is some DJ SCRATCHING in this song. this was played on the radio and i can see why. this is another song that got in the hot 100 because people love it and its funny. thumping bassline and horns are very cool. "ITS A SWAN!" I dont get it but i LAWLED SO HARD at this!.

another song that was played on the radio (including ON NOVA!!1!!!!!1) is THE NOSEBLEED SECTION. the nosebleed section means the highest seats in a stadium btw. there is a cool flute sample plus a nice bassline and the horns are cool. this is the BEST oz hip hop EVAR. people love it so much it got played on NOVA and it became the triple j most requested song EVAR. what more can I say? release it as a single, guys! you will be rich! you can also get this for your ringtone.

the longest song is THE CERTIFICATE. this song features many rappers that are friends of hill top hoods. i dunno who they are but it has a cool beat with a bassline and horns. cool!

after this there is a silly song called HILLTOP HOODS. it is pointless and short so i skipped it. it needed some horns and a bassline!

the rest of the songs are very dope as well. the boys have done a great job with the beats and dj scratching. the basslines and horns are really cool.

i heard there is also a secret track but it wouldnt play in realplayer program lol sry.

this is NOT your average american gangsta rap dominated by bitches, money and cars. the HILL TOP HOODS are rapping about australian things like swans and drinking beer in an original way. it is only a matter of time before these guys get a record deal!!!
I recommend this to anyone! 5/5 awesome dope CD best EVAR!

but dont take my word for it! here are some of the interesting reviews from around the interweb:

Jim says:
This album has tracks that utilise not only traditional hip-hop samples such as horns and basslines, but also makes excellent use of melody and rhythm whilst remaining true to the hip-hop sound.

G Force says:
A perfect blend of funky, extremely listenable beats combined with lyrics that are witty, intelligent and grab you the whole verse, hook then back again. Quite possibly the tightest, most professional Australian release to date, as was expected.

Awbs says:
i really like the calling.

Blazed1 says:
For a group thats been rapping for ten years these guys are pathetic, "Step on up if your dumb enough" this has got to be one of the worst hooks I have ever heard. If these are the countries most respected hip hop artists then somebody shoot Austrailian hip hop now, please.
Am I the only one who sees how bad they are? editors note: YES you are
You people would not know true hip hop if it put it's size 10 up your ass. Go buy Rawkus Records Soundbombing III, that is real.
Aussie hop hop is stuck in the 80's, get your shit together coz I know you can do better.

Glen Young says:
I love this album its very funky got some good freestyling and always get your head bouncing

isha#2 says:
the hill top hoods album "the calling" is tops. there beats are "banging" and there lyrics are "front" and there just a killah group.
"nose bleed section" is rool


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