REPOST: butterfingerz

originally posted 11-7-2006

DJ butterfingers
is a aussie raper. his songs get played on triple j and made it into the hot 100 last year. well done! the debut album is called breakfast at fatboys.
butterfingers must be obese (but he is not signed to obese records.......YET). apart from rapping he can also do punk and rock, something most rappers dream of.
butterfingers music is funny its like the rapping wierd al yankovic. he raps about when his house burns down and he loses his job lol. there is also a guitar solo.
but dont take my word for it. heres what others are saying...........

Katy rates it 5/5
fabulous album, each songs seemingly brilliant with a tight, unique and amusing concept unravelling as it plays...may its obscenities touch us all

Jordy rates it 4/5
haven't heard the whole album yet
but 'i love work' and 'yo mama' are ace

Luke Harrison rates it 5/5
Awesome stuff, very versatile, always humorous and quirky. Great album to break up that single genre monotony

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