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originally posted 11-7-2006

PEGS is a rapper also knowsn as pegasuz from sydney, ausralia. his album features lots of catchy words and lyrics as well as the beats that he produced all by himself at his plutonic lab studio.
the main reason OBESE RECORDS label released this is because of the song featuring hilltop hoods. it also features some of my favourite rappers hijack and torch.
did you know pegs is a teacher?!!!!!!!! amazing.
recently he has won the annual DMC championship in america. well done pegs. you rock m/
but dont take my word for it, heres what other people are saying..

Guero rates it 1/5
I've heard wholemeal bread make wittier comments on today's society

Hugh rates it 3/5
All in all a pretty average effort. "Back Then " is pretty awesome though. At least its on obese records-"fatter then your mama".

btrail rates it 5/5
This is a mad album, didnt really get into it when i first bought it but after a few listens i found my favorite songs and they are, no 2 chechin gorilla, no 5 with Hilltops This is for life, no 6 what would happen, no 7 fuckin wit pegz and no 13 living on earth dope song. this is a wicked album good production and and performance. pegz is wicked owner of obese and as someone said the godfather of aussie hip hop, he is doin it for the luv of the music and supporting the artists to the max. PROPS PEGZ...... you get 5

Sharni rates it 3/5
Only heard the first few tracks...a girls got to sleep...but they were awesome...Aussie hip hop is happen and its great to listen and hear things so relatable to your own life and memories....lovin it

Tom rates it 1/5
Highly un-original, smacks far too much of the Hilltop Hoods or 1200 Techniques.

miq rates it 4/5
this is album is dope fresh. like a cold mango.

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