originally posted in 2006

hi guyz I got another request. today Im going to talk about another aussie rapper called SARR. he is only an internet rapper! im going to review the tracks on his soundclick page.



SARR is a young mc from melbourne. when he is not at school or reading books in the library (he has read the art of war!!1!1!) he does rap. he left NURCHA records and is looking for a new label so if anyone out there runs a record label, give this guy a go!

the first song is called 'I WILL RISE'. it has cool lyricz metaphors like "you fall in love like a shit cunt". the flow is dope and the beat is hype. it is about his life in the struggle as a thug and drug dealer. sarr grew up around drugs and street fights. i wonder has he ever killed a man? it is unknown. do a song about it, sarr!

'POWER' is another song. it features PROFANITY. the flow is dope and the beat is fire. this is just another song about all the people who hate sarr.

i think he has a album coming out 'the futures infected 2' (GET IT SARR SOUNDS LIKE SARS LOL "INFECTED"). it is supposedly "THE MOST TALKED ABOUT STREET LP IN AUS HIP HOP. DISSING AND REVEALING THE CLOWNS IN THE SCENE". what more can i say. i cant wait!

sarr is in the rap game and here to stay! some say sarr is the australian 50 cent. any record label would be smart to sign sarr because 50 cent is a PLATINUM RAPPER in the USA. nurcha must be crazy not to sign sarr! I recommend him to anyone who is a fan of 50 cent.

sarr is a controversial character on the forums! so dont take my word for it. heres what others sare saying:

Liam_Lloyd says:
sorry but your rubbish. i aint gonna ride ur dick like everybody else tho.
its cats like you that kill this industry. talk yourself up n diss everybody. [sic]

dM says:
Beats fucking nuts. [sic]

Daino says:
the hook needs alot more work, this is australian hip hop not 50 cent rip off's. that being said as usual really liked profs verse. Dont really like the whole staunch thing but thats me others might. dissing people wont get anywhere but peeps spleans in their laps. keep it up keen to hear the album when it drops. [sic]

Emulate says:
i think vocals are to loud [sic]

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