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originally posted in 2006

tornts is another auzzie rapper (oh wow how many of these dudes are there now huh?!!!). some say he is staunch. others say his parents were cruel to him as a child and he has no friends.
the intro on the tornts album is scary and features tornts swearing profesely. the beats are supposed to be dark but let me tell you tornts is no kanye west and doesnt really impress me with his beats.
"recording death threats over eerie music" is a lyric that describes this release. unfortunately he is not able to back up his threats with violence.
dresswise, tornts is known to dress as a PE teacher for some reason. on the cover art of the album he is wearing a raincoat i dunno why. he really is silly with his metrosexual ways of lifestyle.
i think tornts is a soft rapper compared to my favourite rappers hijack and torch and bones because let it be said that he cannot hold a flow like butterfingers or the hilltop hoods.
tornts is challenging to listen to and some may even call his listeners metrosexuals because of their clothes and taste in homos. it is a good album to pick up for your sister or a friend you dont like lol.

but dont take my word for it. heres wot others are saying:

James Dorahy says
This is a unique album and it has to be said one that is distinctively Australian. I canĂ¢€™t see music of this type being released from any other country. Decimation Recordings will undoubtedly alienate some listeners. Due to its harsh content and minimalist beats some people will not get the satisfaction that I personally got from this outstanding release.

Drake says
staunch can be alright, but on a quick listen tornts didnt amaze me. i should give the cd a good listen one of these days

Spyro Witherdale says
tornts is quite the emotional rapper he makes merryweather look like necro

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