M-Phazes disses HILLTOP HOODS

notorious hack and fruityloops banger M-PHAZES has recently dissed the well respected aussie hip hoppers HILLTOP HOODS...here is the quote

"they’re not going to get looked at in the same way as a big artist ... Their music isn’t going to stand up in that environment ... the production values are very basic and very thin-sounding"

keep in mind that M-PHAZES is a hat wearing faggot who had to run away to america becoz he couldnt even make it in aussie hip hop (it was too real for him). apparently he was too busy ghost riding his escalade to listen to the new HILLTOP HOODS album which sound like audio gold...the true nectar of the gods given down to us from rap heaven.

....................but dont take my word for it

1 comment:

  1. there is way to much negative in the scene yeah hilltops are god but m phazes did do alot for the scene the good gracious album was fire with some big names on it althrough i cant say the same about phaze one masive let down!!


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