R.I.P Ray Romano, the day the music died

REPORTS have surfaced that comic legend RAY ROMANO has died. here is the link to the news websites...

The Hamburg Township Police Department is investigating whether a drug overdose caused the death of popular comedian Ray Romano this morning.

Family members found Romano unresponsive and without a pulse early Sunday morning at his estate. They went to look for him after he posted a call for help on his twitter page. First responders were able to revive Romano, but sources close to the family suggest he died after being transported to the University of Michigan Medical Center in Ann Arbor. Romano’s family said the man had no history of substance abuse. The exact cause of death remains unknown and is still under investigation.

The routines that Emmy award winning Romano performed are still remembered word for word today. His pioneering television programs were huge hits, season after season. Romano will also be remembered for his contributions to organisations such as The Basketball Foundation of America and initiatives to stop kids smoking crack. His good-natured, fatherly image made him a popular personality and garnered him the nickname of “America’s Dad”. Tributes flowed onto the internet from around the world after the news of Romano’s death was reported by Dan Rathers on CNN. MTV will be holding a special memorial for him on Monday.

“First it’s MJ then it’s then Ray Romano” tweeted Andrew Daddo, actor and lifelong friend of Romano.

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