IN my new series of regular posts exposing clowns and haters in the hip hop scene i am bringing u the story of KANYE WESTS collabo with teenage actress/pop princess JUSTINE BIEBER...

Kanye got the idea of lacing a beat with Bieber when they ran into each other at the laser car wash and became facebook buddies. Bieber was recently arrested in las vegas for cocaine posession but Kanye broke her out of jail.

for the beat, "producer" kanye west jacked a beat from wutang because he thought noone would notice. Biebers voice has been described as being like MICHAEL JACKSON (R.I.P) on this track.

the opinion of fans is as always divided...with some threating to burn down biebers house and rape kanye west. it was reported that the Bieber cried after reading comments online about the song.

here are some comments from the haters who i am calling out, SHAME ON YOU

"Bieber is terrible. Utter trash. AWFUL
if you cut him out, and probably kanye too, then the track would be ok.
-Headlock (well known hater and clown in the scene)

"Justin is the only good thing on the song, but you have to sit thru that no talent thug mumbling and talking his way thru the verses before Justin sprinkles his magic on the song."
-bitch from popular eating website Popeater.com

"hahahaha oooo im so fuckin scared bitch. and bitch im fuckin mexican and role with bp ight hoe.! i got a black guy so dont trip. matter fact your the stupid one here bcuz your the low life tht actually replies bitch wanna catch a fade dont trip leva i got you on check.! go suck a cock and eat shit fuckin looser and like i said wanna tlk shit say it in my face hoe nothing hold you back. come down to my block i aint scared homie.! fuck you and your shit im out.! aratos foo.!"
-KiddohDaisy of youtube

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