in my new regular feature THE SMOKING ROOME! i will discussing the finer things in life for mature rap gansternados like myself...starting with JOHNNY WALKER RED LABEL. CLASSY!

RED LABEL is one of the finest maltey whisky blendz available at your local drive through bottle shop. u can tell its the best quality because it has real gold on the label. it has a texture like no other drink i have tasted, i declare it to be the nectar of the gods. red label was discovered by john walker when he mixed sum different alcahols together and let them sit in a barrell in his basemant for about 50 years and the legend was born so he put a red label on it

the best way to drink is with a shitload of pepsi and about 10 ice cubes. another fun idea is to mix some into your instant coffee, i call it nescafe blend 9000

red label is best enjoyed with a smoothe cigar from your local smokestore which makes u extra coool (if your mum will allow u to smoke in your room!!! not bloody likely!!!!!!)

this guy is a scotch expert and he likes it so much he drinks 2 bottles at once...what more proof do u need??



Bill Cosby has passed away? looks legit to me

this is tha big news from popular website OPEN-B, it looks like the day we have all been dreading has finally come!

Prominent comedian Bill Cosby was killed this morning in a tragic car accident in South Central Los Angeles. Coroner Russell Roberts said the 73-year-old Cosby sustained the fatal injuries in a multi-car crash. He was pronounced dead at Pikeville Medical Center.
The cause of the crash was blamed on the cell phone he was using to update his Twitter feed while driving. It is thought that he was not paying attention when his Lexus swerved into an oncoming truck. "There was really nothing we could do to help him, the damage to his brain was too severe" said Dr. Rothschild who performed an emergency operation on Mr Cosby. One other driver remains in a critical condition following the accident.
The routines that Grammy and Emmy award winning Cosby performed on his best-selling records in the 60s are still remembered word for word today. His pioneering television programs were huge hits, season after season. Cosby will also be remembered for his contributions to organisations such as The Jazz Foundation of America. His good-natured, fatherly image made him a popular personality and garnered him the nickname of Americas Dad. Tributes flowed onto the internet from around the world after the news of Cosbys death was reported by Dan Rathers on CNN. MTV will be holding a special memorial for him on Monday.
"First its Eazy-E then its then Bill Cosby" tweeted Dave Chapelle, a lifelong friend of Cosby.



sum ppl hav been aksing me about if jayz is a freemason or the popes nigga
this video proves it. enjoy. and check out my new youtube channel!!!!



I have been away for some time now. The reason for this may come as a surprise to some of you, but I believe it will be a pleasant one.

I will detail it all here when I have gathered the salient facts, of which I have few and almost all are confused. The bare truth of the incident is, however, unconfused, and as clear to me as my own flesh and blood. It is what we all strive for here, even if we do not always all believe in it. I hope this will bring enlightenment to you as it did to me. I have done it - albeit only temporarily and entirely by accident.

I have been to the Digital world.