OMEGA MAYNE is the longly awaited hit single from sydney aussie rapper TREM (a.k.a. Trem Wunners, Tremmy, Ice-Tream). fans have complained long and hard about his solo album (i have provided you a countdown timer on my blog!) but has this song been enough to wet their appitite?

we from a long lost planet where rap is real (editors note: Earth)
still intact and untapped by the mass appeal

The song has a stomping beat with a rolling bassline that was produced by none other than my boy PROWLER. sound like some shit from a horror movie soundtrack by DR DRE!

I like the lyrics in this song becoz TREM is doing what he does best...calling out the clowns in the scene! apparantly Trem doesnt give a shit about mainstream success, he'd rather be broke and have a hole lot of respect which is why he charges the low low price of $48 (inc postage and handling) for a CD single BUT WAIT THERES MORE u also get a t-shirt with Trems name on it so you can pretend to be trem when you jerk off in front of your bedroom mirror listening to OMEGA MAN. Alpha as fuck!

as alwayz...dont take my word for it.


story about my frend

I had a friend and he loved Sonic R. He couldn’t stop playing it. I told him to stop. I told
him it wasn’t healthy! He didn’t listen and now he’s gone.

It was a simple party to celebrate a birthday. Everyone was having a good time. I
walked up stairs to head to the bathroom. I saw a bright light come from a room, I
opened the door to see my friend playing Sonic R, over and over again and even
worse he was using Tails doll. I tried to snatch him away from the cursed game; he
lurched back and continued to play. I walked back downstairs to continue the party.
About 3 hours later I had passed out, as I awoke bodies were scattered across the
floor, blood everywhere I looked, but I did not see my friend. I rushed upstairs as my
heart had stopped. I looked inside, all I saw was my friend. His eyes were large and
black. He just sat there. When I tried to talk to him he interrupted me, he was
mumbling the Sonic R theme. He had become the Tails doll.


hot and not list: shoes

1. Traval Fox Barracuda (and all others)
2. Nike Air Jordans
3. (black) Fila Tourissmo
4. Anything by Troop
5. British Knights (all ranges)
6. LA Gear (hilarious)
7. Reebok Pump
8. Nike Air Pressure (you've got to pump the bastards up)
9. Hi-Tec (never seen a good pair yet)
10. Jordache (no exit)

1. Adidas Samba
2. Puma Argentina
3. Adidas S.L. 80's
4. Adidas Stan Smith
5. Adidas Forest Hills
6. Adidas Trim Trab
7. Adidas Shell-Toes
8. Diadora Borg Elite
9. Adidas Gazelle
10. Puma States

bukkcity mixtape review

who is bukkcity? "some fag, i dunno" may be the typical response. the truth is we dont know. we have seen a lot of oz rappers pretending to be american thugs but bukkcity is the opposite! how ironic. ive emailed a copy of this album to the federal police just in case.


the bukkcity 'underdog' mixtape is based on the movie "underworld" its about niggers, crime and corruption, basically. the story is about some gangsterland gangsters who sold drugs and got caught by the cops (SPOILER). i havent seen the tv show and i dont live in sydney so i cant speak on the accuracy of that

the beats are all jacked (stolen) so u know its dat raw shit...bukkcity doesnt give a fuk if he gets sued becoz he'll probly be dead soon anyway. but the beats are dope and banging anyway. his style is a cross between sarr and 50 cent so youve got all bases covered there...the whole range of dope gangsters. there is a fair bit of swearing and adult themes and violence on the album, id describe it as rugged and raw drug gangsterland pimp shit.

some random one liners that sum up the mixtaep:
"im from tha city we do shit"
"i drive a spaceship. nigga 2008 shit"
"u might have nightmares but we never wake from our dreams"
"we get free entry, free drinks and a fat bitch"

oh, and btw there are lots of gunshot sound effects on this album so be warned. just letting u know so u dont freak out.

mind over matter review


are the hot new thing from melb label NURCHAR RECORDZ which is home to many super rappers and super groups like gangstor raper "bevan b" and "double" [check out my dubs] so expectaions are V V high for this CD [somecall it the new hotness]


the ppl in MINDS OVAR M@TTER are MC SIMLES adn DJ WILLOW and sum others who also made tha beatz

for a long time folks hav asked me 'forum n00b when are we gonna see a rapgroup who have the style of hilltop hoods and funk oars and are also staunch faggots in there own right???' well the answer is here becoz mind ovar mattor are basicly a rip off of all ozzie rap and there wearing there pants wayyy too tight to GIVE A FUCK what u think

the cover "ART" for this CD is SIMLES and WILLOW making a funny face a t tha camera... wow how ORIGINAL! did u notice the NURCHAR RECORDS shirt? [size=5]its caled PRODUKT PLACEMANT!

they also have to to wear clothes picked out for them by a sponsor
every1 in rap has a sponsor your not cool unles u hav a sponsor!!!! i herd these fags go to fashion shows with KANYE WEST and PUFF DIDDY in the hamptans. they cant even leave there house with out asking their sponsor first lol

oh yeh speaking of KANYE the singel from this cd is called PROUD and i'ts the ARROGANT rap song i hav heard since JAY WESS AND THE FAGSTREET BOYS PLAYED A GAY CLUB AT UNION SQUARE fuckers

the rap styles of MINDS OVER MATTAR are like crossed btween the gay guy from OUTCAST adn QTIP from DELA SOUL with a big big dose of HILLTOP HOODZ thrown in tha mix excxept they are 14 years old and more anoying

listening to this is like being stung by a bee. there are sum dope bass lines but realy not enuff to distract from the anoying lyrics i give it 2 stars out of 5 its really like a produkt placement for nurchar and its a DISGRACE how ppl listen to these fags instead of propa underground rap they shud be sponsored by my fist in their face



my day

I can't believe my mum stooped so low...

My mum called my doctor and said to him "What's the most accurate measurement for weighing?"
The doctor said "An underwater weighing test"
And just like that, my mum said "Yes. When can my son and my daughter can take it?" and the doc said "Today at 2pm."

So, I didn't bother taking a shower and so did my sister too, so I had to get into a special swimming suit(tight pants...Ugh).

My sister said "Can I pull my hair down to a ponytail?" The doctor said "No."
So my sister with her long, blonde hair went underwater with 8 seconds and had she must enjoyed it..but I didn't.

editorial on the scene

Aussie hiphop has developed two succinct cultures now..

two very different sub-cultures existing under the same wide banner.. but who hate each other..

the two groups are firstly those who are genuinely poor and hardtrodden in life and who turned ot hiphop to get shit off their chest and vent and along the way loved it and started being creative with it.. these people come form all wlaks of life and have no agendas.. no plans for fame.. no major dreams.. they just love what they do.. and many members of this group that i know of personally have now travelled the world with their art or music..dudes in this group you can tell a secret to and it will never surface.. thats the first group..

the second group.. are dudes who do nothing but make trouble.. from drugs to crime.. its all they do.. they never have positive shit to offer kids or others in hiphop.. they never wanna change.. and they're the most unreliable mates you could have in life.. to them hiphop is only about rep and being hardcore as they live that life.. to them its all about THEM .. and they usually have little creativity to offer anyone.. but sadly.. they tend to dictate terms as they have the power to stand over others.. members of this group tend to spend time being restricted or years on the dole as they fuck themselves up just that little bit more till its too far gone.. you will find these are the biggest dissers.. tell these guys a secret and its going postal..


seasons greetings

christmas we go hard, we go hard
christmas we go hard, we go hard



kanye that is not cool. its exactly what my dad would say if he ever went to the club.


Hugh Jackman DIES in Oprah Stunt

IT was meant to be the grand entrance of all entrances - but Hugh Jackman's flying fox swoop into the Oprah Show took a tragic turn. Jackman was nearing the stage of the Opera House when he struck a chainsaw, severing his legs.

Oprah rushed to Jackman’s aid, making light of his injury. "Bono was meant to do this but they couldn’t afford the insurance," she told the 6000- strong audience. Jackman remained calm and asked for a last cigarette as he lay on the stage bleeding "That was too much fun. It was okay until the end". with his children watching in the audience and visibly upset, Oprah told the audience: "Oh we’re going to see that on the news, over and over again".

He was pronounced dead soon after paramedics arrived on the scene, the massive bloodloss combined with the slow medical response was too much for his body to handle. Undeterred by the actor's death and protests from the audience, Oprah insisted on finishing her show. One distressed fan had to be pulled back by police after making a lunge for the TV star as she waved to fans from her departing motorcade. Several fans chased her car around Circular Quay, throwing bottles and rocks at her. Oprah is staying under police guard at the American embassy.

Oprah has come under fire from the Australian government for lax safety precautions at he site of the live Australian taping of her show. The placement of props such as chainsaws around the flying fox path was described as "an accident waiting to happen" by Prime Minister Julia Gillard who expressed her shock and sadness following the fatal freak accident. This isn't the first time safety standards Oprah's show has been criticized; in 2001 Gary Coleman suffered a broken leg after sustaining a savage beating at the hands of Oprah. Fans had been hounding her during her Australian visit since a trip to Sydney's Taronga Zoo where she accidently sat on a baby koala which later died.

News of Jackman's death quickly spread through the use of social networking websites Facebook and Twitter, with many fans thinking the news was a hoax or April fools joke. Tributes flowed onto the internet as his dead was confirmed. Friend and rapper Snoop Dogg tweeted "All dogs go to heaven homie. Jackman you will be missed, one of the greats. R.I.P".

Hugh Jackman will be remembered as one of the greatest Australian actors of all time and one of the elite few who made it in Hollywood. He was known for his role as Wolverine in the X-Men series of movies, as well as for his leads in Kate & Leopold, Van Helsing, The Prestige, and Australia. Jackman was a singer, dancer, and actor in stage musicals, winning a Tony Award for his role in The Boy from Oz.

In November 2008, Open Salon and People magazine both named Jackman one of the sexiest men alive.

Jackman was involved with several high profile charity causes including the Global Poverty Project. He was a vocal supporter of Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus.


they drove it like its hot, end of an era

Gay hip hop icons WEAPON X and KEN HELL have reportedly died in a car accident according to popular news website wikipedia.

They will be remembered for songs like OTHERMAN (the ARIA chart BLOCKBUSTER hit) and SCRAPIN WIT A BEEZY ON THIZZ IN DA BAY as well as their work for blacksonblondes.com. They're sneaker pimping in the sky now.