bukkcity mixtape review

who is bukkcity? "some fag, i dunno" may be the typical response. the truth is we dont know. we have seen a lot of oz rappers pretending to be american thugs but bukkcity is the opposite! how ironic. ive emailed a copy of this album to the federal police just in case.


the bukkcity 'underdog' mixtape is based on the movie "underworld" its about niggers, crime and corruption, basically. the story is about some gangsterland gangsters who sold drugs and got caught by the cops (SPOILER). i havent seen the tv show and i dont live in sydney so i cant speak on the accuracy of that

the beats are all jacked (stolen) so u know its dat raw shit...bukkcity doesnt give a fuk if he gets sued becoz he'll probly be dead soon anyway. but the beats are dope and banging anyway. his style is a cross between sarr and 50 cent so youve got all bases covered there...the whole range of dope gangsters. there is a fair bit of swearing and adult themes and violence on the album, id describe it as rugged and raw drug gangsterland pimp shit.

some random one liners that sum up the mixtaep:
"im from tha city we do shit"
"i drive a spaceship. nigga 2008 shit"
"u might have nightmares but we never wake from our dreams"
"we get free entry, free drinks and a fat bitch"

oh, and btw there are lots of gunshot sound effects on this album so be warned. just letting u know so u dont freak out.

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