editorial on the scene

Aussie hiphop has developed two succinct cultures now..

two very different sub-cultures existing under the same wide banner.. but who hate each other..

the two groups are firstly those who are genuinely poor and hardtrodden in life and who turned ot hiphop to get shit off their chest and vent and along the way loved it and started being creative with it.. these people come form all wlaks of life and have no agendas.. no plans for fame.. no major dreams.. they just love what they do.. and many members of this group that i know of personally have now travelled the world with their art or music..dudes in this group you can tell a secret to and it will never surface.. thats the first group..

the second group.. are dudes who do nothing but make trouble.. from drugs to crime.. its all they do.. they never have positive shit to offer kids or others in hiphop.. they never wanna change.. and they're the most unreliable mates you could have in life.. to them hiphop is only about rep and being hardcore as they live that life.. to them its all about THEM .. and they usually have little creativity to offer anyone.. but sadly.. they tend to dictate terms as they have the power to stand over others.. members of this group tend to spend time being restricted or years on the dole as they fuck themselves up just that little bit more till its too far gone.. you will find these are the biggest dissers.. tell these guys a secret and its going postal..

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