i nominate KRS ONE,,,

KRS sizes up another victim "HMMM....YOU WANNA BE FUCKED FROM BEHIND! [yes homo]"
krs is a legendary raper and OLDSCHOOL rap artist from the 1980s who terrorized new york. he is so gay that he was banned from marching in the gay pride parade because it would risk turning the whole city gay (and then who will be our firefighters and beat up criminals?)!! 

he has been well known in the gay community since a freestyle rap when he accidently said "oh btw i am gay". also known for his hit single "sound of The Police". some people have been critical of his stance that gayness is the 5th element of hip hop culture but he also has a lot of fans...many of them are gay.

here's to u, KRIS!

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  1. I think what this journalist is trying to say is something like:

    "KRS is a legendary rap and oldschool rap artist from the late 80, that terrorized New York. Some would say that he is so unfavorably homosexual that he was specifically excluded from the Gay Pride Parade, because his staunch and palpably flamboyant behavior would risk the city as a contagion, thereby increasing the homosexual population therein. This leaves questions as to the integrity of our servicemen, the same questions that have lead to policies such as "Don't ask, don't tell." He is well known among the LBGT community, as in a freestyle rap he stated "Oh, by the way, I'm gay." Some critics of his work are skeptical of his stance that homosexuality is the 5th elemend of hip hop culture. However, he does have a modest fan base, consisting heavily of homosexuals."


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