story about my frend

I had a friend and he loved Sonic R. He couldn’t stop playing it. I told him to stop. I told
him it wasn’t healthy! He didn’t listen and now he’s gone.

It was a simple party to celebrate a birthday. Everyone was having a good time. I
walked up stairs to head to the bathroom. I saw a bright light come from a room, I
opened the door to see my friend playing Sonic R, over and over again and even
worse he was using Tails doll. I tried to snatch him away from the cursed game; he
lurched back and continued to play. I walked back downstairs to continue the party.
About 3 hours later I had passed out, as I awoke bodies were scattered across the
floor, blood everywhere I looked, but I did not see my friend. I rushed upstairs as my
heart had stopped. I looked inside, all I saw was my friend. His eyes were large and
black. He just sat there. When I tried to talk to him he interrupted me, he was
mumbling the Sonic R theme. He had become the Tails doll.


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