OMEGA MAYNE is the longly awaited hit single from sydney aussie rapper TREM (a.k.a. Trem Wunners, Tremmy, Ice-Tream). fans have complained long and hard about his solo album (i have provided you a countdown timer on my blog!) but has this song been enough to wet their appitite?

we from a long lost planet where rap is real (editors note: Earth)
still intact and untapped by the mass appeal

The song has a stomping beat with a rolling bassline that was produced by none other than my boy PROWLER. sound like some shit from a horror movie soundtrack by DR DRE!

I like the lyrics in this song becoz TREM is doing what he does best...calling out the clowns in the scene! apparantly Trem doesnt give a shit about mainstream success, he'd rather be broke and have a hole lot of respect which is why he charges the low low price of $48 (inc postage and handling) for a CD single BUT WAIT THERES MORE u also get a t-shirt with Trems name on it so you can pretend to be trem when you jerk off in front of your bedroom mirror listening to OMEGA MAN. Alpha as fuck!

as alwayz...dont take my word for it.

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