All About Big Slang: press release breakdown

He had started at school, from the prime age of thirteen, participating in lunch time diss battles in 2005.
did u hear that guys? 2005 was the year in which the lunch time diss battles began...just for the record. For years historians have debated the timeline but now we can put the controversy to bed. For youre information he was 13 years old at the time, mind you. I am telling you this so when our far off ancestors uncover the remains of BIG SLANG's press release they will make sure the date is recorded and nobody is allowed to forget the fated year of 2005.

This Assyrian-Australian artist calls his talent a blessing and a gift from the Lord, as he had started writing lyrics out of nowhere.
...Later he had found his talent of writing actual and heart touching lyrics.
so basically the lyrics he got from god were a piece of shit

After he had quickly rushed through all his tests and work without hardly reading the questions, he would take out his pad and a pen and start to write lyrics.
Early 2007 saw Big Slang being expelled from school

why am i not surprised...
...but he saw it as an opening for rapping.
yeah , nah

"Everybody knows Im emotional, and everybody knows there's two sides to me, the real soft side and the real hard side."

the white tupac, the black eminem!

With everybody vibin off these tracks, Slang knows this album is whats gonna be the hottest thing once completed.
not everybody is vibin off them, I'm just sayin. u might want to revise your prediction there.

With his eyes set and dreams of becoming number one, Slang is plotting and planning his schemes to get there. What the fuck, this guy is on sum lazers on the moon type shit, apparently the first step is to post a photo of himself half naked and sucking his stomach in.

dont take my word for it, read what others are saying on BIG SLANG's unearthed page
personally i think he should remain buried

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