TRAPPED IN DA MATRIX is my new regular feature where i will keep u up to date with the latest TECH NEWS for youre computar

Today i am discussing the I-PHONE FOUR. its the latest and gratest handheld telephone for the digital age designed by a guy called STEVE JOBS from APPLE. if BILL GATES is the antichrist i guess this makes STEVE JOBS god. we live in an amazing age this is the most convinent devise invented since the gameboy printer.

Nielsen marketplace graph
as u can see from this scientific graph the eyephone is up against the androids. and the graph clearly proves the iphone is better! both phones have a tight screen and a store that lets u download a shit-ton of apps which are like computer programs but some are viruses. like if u want to prank call the pizza shop theres an app for that. if u want to take photos up womans skirt theres an app for that (iphone has a camera). u can upload these pics straight to twitter on the iphone! [email them to me as well].

its called iphone 4 because the other iphones had some pretty bad bugs, like the iphone 2 which phoned you at all hours of the day and night! but now that the iphone has been prefected I dont think we will be seeing any new tech devises from Apple for a long long while!

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