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Now playing: Every Record Label Sucks Dick - R.A. The Rugged Man

I played this like 15 times straight yesterday, mainly to piss off my roomate who swears out loud at the TV in his room all day as he plays video games [all i ever hear is "Ohhhhh SHIT!" "fuck that shit son!", "oh damn. FUCK!"], tries to have conversations with me about his "battle skills" and how Dame Dash approached him at a Freeway show to come record at some studio, and on top of that his IDOL is fucken Papoose. PAPOOSE! For fucks sake, fair enough if you like his music, but why the fuck would he be your idol?!!? He also says white people can't/shouldnt rap but has a huge picture of Eminem on his wall. ("Yeh son, but he shoulda been born black" - Firstly im not your fucken son, and secondly your fucken wrong.)
So all i ever do is play white rap singers real loud, and abstract hip hop and UK and Australian rappers.



last week beef kicked off on the ozhiphop forums when the famous turntable jedi DJ SHEEP called out DJ BUTCHER of the "crate creeps" crew

"he’s a chump without any records and just a bunch of MP3s… Crate Creeps need to change their name to the MP3 masters or some shit."

SHEEP apparently had some beef with BUTCHER over cash owed for a track. he also called out DJ CUTLOOSE and "DJ LL Cool James", saying he wanted to battle them all. the thread was mysteriously deleted, twice, but has been reposted on Peak Street.

the beef took a dramatic turn when oz hip hop legend BIAS B called out SHEEP on twitter as a hypocrite.

the drama continues...

excluuuuuuuuusive new shit: PEGZ

Tha capricorn cat is back. A leaked song off his new album DRAMA has Obese Records CEO PEGZ rhyming over a dope beat by the hottest scene queen M-PHAZEZ.

listen to it on my favourite website peak street: http://peakstreet.com/post/4181799274/pegz1

But he aint no hollaback girl, PEGZ is all about drinking battery acid and putting his nuts in some chicks mouth. He also does a cool accent in this song. the album is sure 2 be a heater so look out for it!

def def def def def def def def


OMG Jackie Chan is dead!

Jackie Chan DEAD!

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CNN - Jackie Chan Dies of Heart Attack

this is so fucked up right now!!! I cant believe jackie chan is really dead!!! apparently

A Los Angeles hospital has reported that Jackie Chan is dead. The legendary Hong Kong actor who appeared in over 100 films died last night following a heart attack. He was promoting his most recent film, 'The Karate Kid'. Doctors say his heavy schedule was causing extreme stress and putting too much pressure on his heart. Chan was scheduled to fly to Hong Kong today to begin shooting on his next film '1911'.

The actors family has not yet issued a statement in regards to the passing of the truly remarkable actor who died at the young age of 56. Fans swarmed Facebook after confirmation of his passing came through a source close to Chan. A couple of celebrities have also posted their personal tributes through Facebook. Will Smith; “A remarkable actor, he will be forever missed and always in our hearts. RIP Jackie. x”
Even United States President Barack Obama laid down a personal tribute to the martial artist saying: “Jackie Chan is a man who can talk through talent, he is a constant reminder of the strength of humanity. He will forever be in our hearts, a true inspiration who inspired many generations. First it's Nate Dogg then it's Jackie Chan. Deader than Bill Cosby."

MTV will be holding a special memorial for Chan on Friday.

update: IS JACKIE CHAN DEAD!?!?!?!?? or ALIVE!?? it may not be true. who knows. im just reporting the latest news direct from my anonymous sources dont blame me if its wrong!!!  but you heard it first here; JACKIE CHAN IS DEAD.

disclaimer: some people say Jackie Chan is not dead. 


NEW RAPPER: all about SYKO

SYKO is one of australias hottest new rappers straight out of the mean streets of Compton on Sydneys north shore. he has been making a splash with over 20 people showing up to his gigs, over 30 friends on facebook, over 50 twitter followers and over 8 contact numbers in his phone. he released a big budget video for his first single which has over 100 views on youtube!

this song is all about SYKO's special girl who is also his sister. no society taboo will come between there love!

SYKO began writing music at the age of 13 when he released a mixtape which was downloaded by 30000 people (without any heavy promotion!). from there his career took off and be began playing shows to crowds of approximately 60,000-70,000 while being named RAPPER OF THE YEAR, no shit. His first album is still in the works so dont sleep on it.

on his second song "never the same" SYKO slows things down for tha ladies on sum T-PAIN shit. the song is all about finding out youre gay and you have to leave your girlfriend behind. unfortunatly the autotune sounds weak and you cant dance to it, so expect this to flop harder than Vlade Divac in a flopping competition. he also has zero swag, btw.

I think SYKO needs to get sum better producers and hooks if he wants to be a rap superman. otherwise he should jump on his candy painted fixie and ride home. but dont take my word for it, heres what others are saying...

"gay lookn superman shirt, gay green hat and nerd glasses " -PatosBreegz

" I'm getting pretty excited about how bad this guy is. " - Billybee

"This song very meaningful i like it " -bipola

read more about SYKO and jerk off to the pictures on his offical website http://www.sykomusic.com/


NEW RELEASE: phatchance - inkstains acoustic version

PHATCHANCE is the latest hot raper, but I cant remember what label he is on. No doubt he is exploring gorgeous new places with his acoustic rap singing, he was even a featured artist on the long dead website MYSPACE DOT COM.

He made a name for himself among hipster circles by selling fairly floss at the frequent rollerskating face painting parties around sydney. PHATCHANCE would rap to customers while he spun the stick around the fairly floss machine. some people started encouraging him to put out an album and the rest is history. its a heart warming tale about a man who grew up in the swinery! he paid though.

His debut (or "da butt" as the case may be) is all about his journey from humble circus performer to rap superstar and the darling of radio DJs nation wide (a clue that his album probably sucks ass!). For those of us who thought Inkstains had a little bit too much electronics on it there is the new acoustic version (*cough*HilltopHoodsRestrung*cough*) which includes varied instruments such as the guitar, the acoustic guitar, the banjo and the french horn. its like Nirvana unplugged except folk music is not grunge and Phatchance is not Kurt Cobain.

"this lost lamb is desperate for a soft landing"

As far as raps go, PHATCHANCE likes to complain a lot and talk about his feelings, making Lupe Fiasco sound like Lil Fame. He explores deep and meaningful themes like cheating on your wife or sucking sumones dick to get a promotion but he also talks about gettin paid. but you cant even dance to it! and its not nearly offensive enough for my taste. Id rather listen to TWISTA any day of the week! that guy got mad skills and he hip hop.

I recommend this EP to anyone who hates rap music. a perfect gift for your auntie or sister.

but dont take my word for it, heres what others are saying...

"the term 'flogging a dead horse' comes to mind." - Joe Hockey MP

"the instrumentation is organic and lush" - FID76BRA

"It's not wack, what Inkstains is Hip-Hop" - Fubex

vist phat chance on tha internet! http://www.officialphatchance.com/


R.I.P BILL COSBY, legendary comic killed in Libya

the death toll of another unjustified war has risen again! what a tragedy

US Air Force reports indicate that legendary comedian Bill Cosby was killed this morning during an air raid in Eastern Libya. He was reading to children at a local library when the bombing took place. Cosby was in the country at the request of Colonel Gaddafi, who is reportedly a fan of his comedy, and also to promote his newest book.

The bombing was part of operation "Odyssey Dawn", an effort to enforce a U.N.-authorized no-fly zone in the troubled country. A US spokesperson reported that Gaddafi had tactically significant targets in the Eastern district of Tajoura including planes and helicopters that needed to be neutralized, downplaying rumors that a rogue squad of pilots had decided to go after Cosby. They concluded by saying "We are saddened by the death of Bill Cosby and our prayers are with his friends and family. A full investigation will be launched to determine what happened here and more details will be reported as they come to light". Libyan state television reacted to the news with a statement from Gaddafi expressing his shock and sorrow at the death of Cosby who was a hero to the Libyan people.

The routines that Grammy and Emmy award winning Cosby performed on his best-selling records in the 60's are still remembered word for word today. His pioneering television programs were huge hits, season after season. Cosby will also be remembered for his contributions to organisations such as The Jazz Foundation of America. His good-natured, fatherly image made him a popular personality and garnered him the nickname of "America's Dad". Tributes flowed onto the internet from around the world after the news of Cosby's death was reported by Dan Rathers on CNN. MTV will be having a special memorial program for him on Monday.

"First it's Hosni Mubarak then it's Bill Cosby" said Colonel Gaddafi, a lifelong friend of Cosby.

Rest in peace bro


biggest biters in rap: LUPE FIASCO

nigga should change his name to LUPE CONTROVERSY or some shit



infamous biter Lupe was once spotted sneaking around backstage at a kanye west concert with soap and a scrubbing brush asking people where the royal penis was. because he wants to be all over that dick like the dickrider he is.