NEW RAPPER: all about SYKO

SYKO is one of australias hottest new rappers straight out of the mean streets of Compton on Sydneys north shore. he has been making a splash with over 20 people showing up to his gigs, over 30 friends on facebook, over 50 twitter followers and over 8 contact numbers in his phone. he released a big budget video for his first single which has over 100 views on youtube!

this song is all about SYKO's special girl who is also his sister. no society taboo will come between there love!

SYKO began writing music at the age of 13 when he released a mixtape which was downloaded by 30000 people (without any heavy promotion!). from there his career took off and be began playing shows to crowds of approximately 60,000-70,000 while being named RAPPER OF THE YEAR, no shit. His first album is still in the works so dont sleep on it.

on his second song "never the same" SYKO slows things down for tha ladies on sum T-PAIN shit. the song is all about finding out youre gay and you have to leave your girlfriend behind. unfortunatly the autotune sounds weak and you cant dance to it, so expect this to flop harder than Vlade Divac in a flopping competition. he also has zero swag, btw.

I think SYKO needs to get sum better producers and hooks if he wants to be a rap superman. otherwise he should jump on his candy painted fixie and ride home. but dont take my word for it, heres what others are saying...

"gay lookn superman shirt, gay green hat and nerd glasses " -PatosBreegz

" I'm getting pretty excited about how bad this guy is. " - Billybee

"This song very meaningful i like it " -bipola

read more about SYKO and jerk off to the pictures on his offical website http://www.sykomusic.com/

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