NEW RELEASE: phatchance - inkstains acoustic version

PHATCHANCE is the latest hot raper, but I cant remember what label he is on. No doubt he is exploring gorgeous new places with his acoustic rap singing, he was even a featured artist on the long dead website MYSPACE DOT COM.

He made a name for himself among hipster circles by selling fairly floss at the frequent rollerskating face painting parties around sydney. PHATCHANCE would rap to customers while he spun the stick around the fairly floss machine. some people started encouraging him to put out an album and the rest is history. its a heart warming tale about a man who grew up in the swinery! he paid though.

His debut (or "da butt" as the case may be) is all about his journey from humble circus performer to rap superstar and the darling of radio DJs nation wide (a clue that his album probably sucks ass!). For those of us who thought Inkstains had a little bit too much electronics on it there is the new acoustic version (*cough*HilltopHoodsRestrung*cough*) which includes varied instruments such as the guitar, the acoustic guitar, the banjo and the french horn. its like Nirvana unplugged except folk music is not grunge and Phatchance is not Kurt Cobain.

"this lost lamb is desperate for a soft landing"

As far as raps go, PHATCHANCE likes to complain a lot and talk about his feelings, making Lupe Fiasco sound like Lil Fame. He explores deep and meaningful themes like cheating on your wife or sucking sumones dick to get a promotion but he also talks about gettin paid. but you cant even dance to it! and its not nearly offensive enough for my taste. Id rather listen to TWISTA any day of the week! that guy got mad skills and he hip hop.

I recommend this EP to anyone who hates rap music. a perfect gift for your auntie or sister.

but dont take my word for it, heres what others are saying...

"the term 'flogging a dead horse' comes to mind." - Joe Hockey MP

"the instrumentation is organic and lush" - FID76BRA

"It's not wack, what Inkstains is Hip-Hop" - Fubex

vist phat chance on tha internet! http://www.officialphatchance.com/

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