R.I.P BILL COSBY, legendary comic killed in Libya

the death toll of another unjustified war has risen again! what a tragedy

US Air Force reports indicate that legendary comedian Bill Cosby was killed this morning during an air raid in Eastern Libya. He was reading to children at a local library when the bombing took place. Cosby was in the country at the request of Colonel Gaddafi, who is reportedly a fan of his comedy, and also to promote his newest book.

The bombing was part of operation "Odyssey Dawn", an effort to enforce a U.N.-authorized no-fly zone in the troubled country. A US spokesperson reported that Gaddafi had tactically significant targets in the Eastern district of Tajoura including planes and helicopters that needed to be neutralized, downplaying rumors that a rogue squad of pilots had decided to go after Cosby. They concluded by saying "We are saddened by the death of Bill Cosby and our prayers are with his friends and family. A full investigation will be launched to determine what happened here and more details will be reported as they come to light". Libyan state television reacted to the news with a statement from Gaddafi expressing his shock and sorrow at the death of Cosby who was a hero to the Libyan people.

The routines that Grammy and Emmy award winning Cosby performed on his best-selling records in the 60's are still remembered word for word today. His pioneering television programs were huge hits, season after season. Cosby will also be remembered for his contributions to organisations such as The Jazz Foundation of America. His good-natured, fatherly image made him a popular personality and garnered him the nickname of "America's Dad". Tributes flowed onto the internet from around the world after the news of Cosby's death was reported by Dan Rathers on CNN. MTV will be having a special memorial program for him on Monday.

"First it's Hosni Mubarak then it's Bill Cosby" said Colonel Gaddafi, a lifelong friend of Cosby.

Rest in peace bro

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