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Now playing: Every Record Label Sucks Dick - R.A. The Rugged Man

I played this like 15 times straight yesterday, mainly to piss off my roomate who swears out loud at the TV in his room all day as he plays video games [all i ever hear is "Ohhhhh SHIT!" "fuck that shit son!", "oh damn. FUCK!"], tries to have conversations with me about his "battle skills" and how Dame Dash approached him at a Freeway show to come record at some studio, and on top of that his IDOL is fucken Papoose. PAPOOSE! For fucks sake, fair enough if you like his music, but why the fuck would he be your idol?!!? He also says white people can't/shouldnt rap but has a huge picture of Eminem on his wall. ("Yeh son, but he shoulda been born black" - Firstly im not your fucken son, and secondly your fucken wrong.)
So all i ever do is play white rap singers real loud, and abstract hip hop and UK and Australian rappers.

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