DEEP WEB: Reptillian conspiracy

in this new exciting series of posts i will bring you hidden truths unearthed from the Underweb. Dont worry about me...I am behind 7 proxies.

Today i am introducing the REPTILIANS. they are a species of lizardmen who landed on planet Earth. we know of the reptilians from brave scholars such as Riley Martin, Zecharia Sitchin, Dale Russell, Paul Shockley and John Rhodes.

Top secret reports uncovered by project blue book indicate the reptilians appeared in 1967. They are a race of intelligent, highly developed reptile-like humanoids. Some authors also refer to them as dinosauroids, lizardfolk or lizardmen. Other names include Draconians, Scalie Heavies and Sauroids. Leading reptilian scholars have discovered that they travelled here from the planet Xylomyte of the Infinite Dimensions to prevent nuclear catastrophe during the cold war. JFK took a shining to the lizardfolk and they have been at the center of American power ever since, transforming the US into a superpower.

The home base of REPTILIAN power is the Deep Springs underground base in California. Several ex-government officials have explained that the Reptilians are using humans to develop a new technology there, with a plan to complete their main project in 2012. Brave reporters risked their lives to photograph several large telescopes that they have built. Purpose unknown.

IN MY NEXT ARTICLE: How reptilians are controlling China and how this relates to the disappearance of Dr Toynbee's plan to ruserrect the dead on planet Jupiter


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