Aussie rapping person THE DRAPHT of the Sillybolikz has finally released his album "THE LIFE OF RILEY". Drapht is best known for ruining Culture of Kings 3 and his annoying voice which has roughly the same frequency as a kitten scraped against a chalkboard. But is the album hot?

After an intro the album opens with "SING IT (The Life of Riley)". You know the song sucks because it has parenthesis in the title. But its actually good!! Drapht name drops some of his favourite musicians on this song...its soooo cool! He likes the same stuff I like!!!

You may be surprised to hear that Drapht has killed off his most popular character from the last album! I call this new genre SOAP OPERA RAP.***SPOILER***

The features on this album are hot. There are guest spots from NFA (remember him?) as well as ozhiphop royalty Funkoars, Mantra and Urthboy.

Drapht has stepped up his lyrics on most of the tracks, only taking a break on Murder Murder, Bali Party and Air Guitar to rap like a total mongloid.

Sadly the downsyde of this album is in the beats which I think were produced by TRIALS (a rapper not a beatman). Basically every song has the same stupid guitar riff in the background. Triple J and Nova love it. Tupac and Biggie are probly rolling in their graves. I heard there is a secret track on this CD but im not allowed to talk about it.

Heres what others are saying...

"Don't think i'll be dropping any duckets on it eh! Wasn't that impressed" -whileuweresleeping

"Draphto s killin it in my opinion besides the funkoars i dont think anyone can keep up wit him atm" -Defyre

"Drapht seems to have left some of the lyricism we were used to on previous releases behind but he's become a lot better at crafting a track/song structure" -Afteroots 

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    Drapht was number 1 with this album, have you ever had a number 1 record? I don't fuckin think so.

  2. WTF? This is an amazing album. The lyrics are friggin' gold I'd like to see you do any fucking better. Drapht is the king of Aussie hip hop.


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