more aussie RAP celeb spotting

Spotted rap mastermind MASS MC again. This time fleeing from Nalfeshnee, the notorious soul eating harbinger of doom. He was running through the State Library of New South Wales trying to photocopy a large leather bound volume, it looked like the demon wanted it back!

Infamous battle rapper RoNiKaL was observed at a construction site in Brisbane yesterday, deftly dodging besa blocks being thrown by an unseen assailant. Has he started a beef he couldn't finish?

Indelible rap man 360 was spotted in a forest yesterday with a stack of softcore porn magazines. He was burying issies of The Picture under a thin layer of pine needles. So thats how they got there!

Saw the amazing DJ SHEEP hanging out with CHARLIE SHEEN at a local Irish pub. They were banging 7 gram rocks with Lindsay Lohan while SHEEP helped Charlie with his crab scratch technique and taught him about how to properly care for and store vinyl. Hope he was paying attention!

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