Hip Hop Hoochie KARA CRAIG was spotted at a New York subway station begging for change, said something about her passport and plane tickets being stolen. Lookng good in a tiger striped pink fur ensemble repping her A-Town fitted, u go girl!

Spotted legend of the rap game BIG PHRASE at a Super Cheap Auto carpark crawling around on all fours trying to scoop up oil stains on the ground. His record label are really putting him to work!

Saw the infamous CLINT DOGG DJing at a McDonalds birthday party. The staff said he wasn't allowed to play music here and he would have to leave. Then the manager came and said he was banned from the store for 2 weeks. Last I saw CLINT was hanging around the car park asking people to go get his records back for him.

Spotted special rapper MC ANZAK at a firing range wearing an Aussie flag cape and face paint. He was operating a BBQ indoors but the smoke didn't seem to affect his aim as he shot the Saddam Hussein shaped target right through the balls with a Heckler and Koch Mk23.


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