New Dead Baby Rapper Tag Craze Sweeps Nation

Jump on the bandwagon now because this is going to be huge. It's basically a dead baby version of the popular "rapper tag" game where rappers upload videos of themselves rapping and finish by tagging in yet another rap person. Dead baby rapper tag is totally different, but also its completely the same thing.


Greatest Rapper of All Time Senate Hearings Continue

WASHINGTON, May 23--Today the US Senate Committee to Determine the Greatest Rapper of All Time continued a week long debate that shows no signs it will be resolved.

Democrats opened the session with a diatribe from Joe Biden extolling the virtues of Jay-Z, saying "Jay has released so many classic compositions, from Reasonable Doubt to The Blueprint and The Black Album." Republicans were less than impressed with this, although Speaker John Boehner admitted that he may be one of the greatest alive, he stated that Jay-Z has put out too much filler and dumbed down his lyrics for commercial appeal, citing songs such as "Girls, Girls, Girls".

The Republican caucus was pushing for The Notorious B.I.G, advancing that his amazing flow and delivery put him over the top despite his limited output. The Republican front was not a united one, however, as Sally Kearn continues to champion Eminem and many affiliated with the Tea Party are pushing for Tupac Shakur to be considered. Ron Paul made a heartfelt speech about the great West Coast rappers as he complained they are being ignored in the debate.

The issue appears to have reached a standoff as Republicans in the House are threatening a Government shutdown unless a rider proclaiming Rakim as the "God of rap" is added to the Greatest Rapper of All Time bill. Democrats were initially considering the compromise but then President Obama broached the subject of Lil B and all the Republicans stood up and walked out of the room.


Beastie Boys, New Album and Movie

The hot new Beastie Boys jawn "Hot Sauce Committee Part 2" has been making quite a splash in white people rap circles. Included with the album is a short film "Fight for Your Right Revisited".

The cinematic tour de force stars John C. Reilly, Will Ferrell and Jack Black as the Beastie Boys, who go back in time to rap battle the original Beastie Boys (Seth Rogen, Elijah Wood and Danny McBride).

Here is a short clip from the movie...

Beastie Boys have been one of the most important pioneers of white boy rap music since the mid '80s. Their incessant references to freeing Tibet and irrational penchant for shitty things from the '70s have warmed our hearts for over 2 decades.

Want to know what I thought about the new album? I didn't listen to it but I'm sure its fine. The track featuring Nas sucks ass, obviously. Did I mention I don't like Nas?


Rebecca Black Pregnant! WE SO EXCITED

The star of infamous youtube video "Friday" today revealed she is pregnant in an image posted on the Facebook wall of a person close to Rebecca which was later deleted. Rebecca then disabled comments on the original Friday video where people were discussing the news.

Is Rebecca Black really pregnant? How will this development effect her recording career?

Update: further confirmation from the Rebecca Black Fan Club and a rumor that the father could be Nat Wolff. Interesting!

It's also being posted on other websites. and TMZ.

13 year old Rebecca Black, best known for her song Friday which became a viral hit online, is pregnant.

One of Rebecca's close friends revealed the news on their Facebook wall. The post was soon deleted but the revelation had already spread to Twitter. Apparently Rebecca did not want the news made public yet, she even disabled comments on the Friday video which has 140 million views on Youtube.

Rebecca's boyfriend Nat Wolff is assumed to be the father. They have been seen together at functions and award ceremonies since meeting last year.

Black has already been criticized by some for allowing herself to become pregnant, many are concerned that she is setting a bad example for teens. Rebecca has previously acknowledged that she is a role model for young people. The community at babycenter.com was particularly critical with many calling for Rebecca to seriously consider an abortion. Black has previously spoken about her pro-life values.

Other websites such as a new Facebook group dedicated to Rebecca's pregnancy have been more supportive. Rebecca Black herself has not made a statement about her pregnancy at this time.

90s Rappers: where are they now???

The 90s were the golden age of rap. Wealthy industrialists invested heavily in rap stocks and the funky cold medina was plentiful. Nobody could have guessed that the jiggy rap crash of the early 2000s was only a few short years away.

Have you ever wondered what happened to your favourite rappers from the 90s? In this new series of regular posts I will give u the 411 on these one hit wonders...

Famous for: His mom getting scared, relocating to cohabitate with relatives in the Los Angeles suburb of Bel Air. Blowing up the white house.
Where is he now: Making another Bad Boys movie. I am not making this up.

Famous for:
Being white. Ruining MC Shan's career with his infamous hit single 'Informer' (WARNING: DO NOT CLICK, YOU WILL BE SORRY)
Where is he now: Mysteriously out of prison, not being hassled by police at all. Meanwhile all his former friends are no doubt rotting in jail and out for revenge. The drama continues.

Famous for: Being dissed by our lord and savior Jay-Z.
Where is he now: Changed his name to 'N' (just one syllable). Allegedly still releasing music, probably on some small label nobody cares about.


Actor James Woods Dead

A sad day for Hollywood, it has been announced that famous star James Woods has died.

Two weeks after disappearing during a police chase, the body of actor James Woods has been found and preliminarily identified.

On Tuesday a Fort Wayne pathologist conducted an autopsy on Woods’ body. The test found Woods had died by drowning and that his death was accidental.

On April 30th, Woods reportedly ran from police after being involved in a car accident with his girlfriend, less than a mile from where his body was found.

Police said he was last seen running along the banks of the river near the intersection of Miami and Lincolnway East, when an officer said he heard a "splash."

"His last words to me were that he promised he'd call when he made it, wherever he was going,” Woods’ girlfriend Ashley James recalled.

With no phone call, loved ones handed out flyers for more than a week, hoping they’d locate Woods alive.

Then on Monday afternoon, South Bend firefighters pulled Woods' body from the St. Joseph River near Howard Park.

"When we got that phone call we just took off. We knew it was him and it was so hard,” Woods’ older sister Latasha Brown said.

Crews rushed to the scene and pulled the body floating downstream.

Autopsy results showed no bruise marks or injuries consistent with such action. Even so, St. Joseph County Metro Homicide is conducting its own investigation just to be safe.


H0llywood Celebz Sp0tted!

A peek into the private lives of your favourite Hollywood celebs! Reports straight from the STREETS about what the stars get up to when the cameras are off. Now with a more international focus.

Hollywood's favourite Crocs wearer
NICOLE KIDMAN was spotted lurking the streets of Sydney in the early hours of yesterday morning, drawing giant pentagrams on the ground with chalk and lighting candles. She kept checking her watch and looking up at the sky but nothing was happening, as far as I could tell.

Teen dream JUSTIN BEBER was allegedly seen scratching his twitter address into the back windows of the cars parked along his street. His mom isn’t going to be happy when she finds out what he did!

Babe TILA TEQUILA was seen out and about trying to catch pigeons! She was doing very well with a fishing rod using piees of spiced sausage as bait. She told me every pigeon she sells comes with a free copy of her mixtape. I managed to get away while she was trying to shove a bird into a tiny cage and close the latch.

I saw popular man about town MICHAEL BUBLE doing a roaring trade hustling cocaine from the back of his car underneath a bridge. He told me he needed the drug money to finance his new album. I explained that it was the wrong thing to do and managed to convince Buble to throw all his drugs in the river. Nobody go swimming in there, for a while!

I overheard the infamous trickster SHIA LaBEOUF trying to pick up a waitress at a cafe. He was asking what she would wish for if she found a magic lamp, he kept suggesting a box of Tim Tams that never runs out. He said he has a hookup that can get him as many Tim Tams as he wants. He put his hands into his pockets and pulled out like 8 Tim Tams. He got her number.

Spotted Hollywood patriarch TED DANSON outside a KFC protesting for PETA. He was stopping everyone who tried to go in, asking if they knew what’s in KFC’s burgers and telling them it was the endangered luck dragon. He didn’t hassle me too much but he told me fur is murder and he would never wear a mink coat again. Right on!

Human female KIM KARDASHIAN was spotted by a fan at a supermarket. She didn’t buy anything, she was just opening every box of cereal and feeling around inside with her hand. Hope she found what she was looking for!

Saw the legendary warlock MEL GIBSON at a screening of Black Swan. He kept complaining loudly that they weren’t dancing properly and none of the actors knew anything about dancing. He said he wanted a refund and he walked out but I saw him quickly duck into a different theatre.


360 feat. Josh Pyke - THROW IT AWAY

Apparently I am a rap journalist so mayb its time to talk about some rap again...

Vanilla Ice lookalike and rare butterfly collector THREE SIXXTY has released a new single from his bumper Spring album featuring the infamous JOSH PYKE. The song is called THROW IT AWAY and it is an examle of everything that is wrong with the youth of today.

" yo i dont wanna work till i'm 50
and spend wot i've earned till i'm 60 " (pun intended?)

360 wears his bullshit generation-y entitlement issues on his sleeve, laying the hate on people who have to work for a living while rhyming over drums softer than Ke$ha's ass. A Triple J hottest 100 contender! A surefire hit among people who vote Liberal, do tax returns and put sugar on their Weetbix.  *click here to like this on facebook* My recommendation? Turn 360 degrees and walk away!

"forvive me, maybe its my lack of sleep
but i feel lke i hav 2 dream!"

Of course 360, you are never able to get any sleep. Your life as a coolhunting rebel on the wild side of the flannelette shirt debate is hard. Guess what dude, Your Boy Bangs had a rough life as well, growing up in Sudan, and he never came across as a whiney teenager writing in his dream diary. He goes hard.

However if everything goes to plan 360 will not have to work very hard at all, you can buy his songs on itunes for the low low price of $2.19 and he even released a clean version you can buy for your grandma. But hey, its not like he lets the money control him or anything!

Check out 360's site on the world wide webbizone


David Beckham dead, mysterious website reports

"Sir David  Beckham was killed today in a horrific car accident near Torrence, the California Highway Patrol tells CNN.

The soccer star was traveling south on the 405 Freeway Friday morning when he rear-ended a stalled vehicle.

"Mr. Beckham's black Cadillac SUV collided with the rear of a gold Mitsubishi in the carpool lane, the force of the impact severed his legs" says Jennifer Connolly, spokesperson for California Highway Patrol. The driver of the Mitsubishi, who complained of a broken spine, later died in hospital.

Beckham, 36, was killed instantly.
Tributes for the famous sportsman flowed on the internet once his death was announced on Twitter and confirmed by Dan Rathers on CNN. MTC will be holding a memorial for him on Friday."

A sad day for rugby fans around the world. Rest in peace young blood.


Celebs Spotted!!!!!11!11oneoneone111eleven

Spotted the infamous DJ MUGGS of Cypress Hill running things at an underground cockfight in a cave. He looked pretty weeded and the birds kept scratching him. He has aged terribly.

I ran into notorious Chaser comedian JULIAN MORROW at an 8 Mile-esque rap battle. I figured I could get some free publicity by beating him but he utterly destroyed me, he was dropping multis and words that had me reaching for a dictionary. He explained that the performance was dedicated to a special girl.

Famously bad rapper ELF TRANZPORTER was seen at the fires of Mount Doom last week. He was holding some small piece of jewellery in his hand, trying to decide what to do. Hope he made the right choice!

Local legend MICHAEL CERA was identified snatching handbags. He was prancing around south central LA with the look of a deranged madman, yelling to police that he couldnt be stopped. Totally unacceptable behaviour for a role model, he paid though.


R.I.P Osama Bin Laden

Another LAD caught in the hustle...

Osama Bin Laden was alledgedly killed earlier this morning after president Obama's hired goon squad gunned him down outside his pad in Libya while he was washing his car. He is survived by his many cats.