360 feat. Josh Pyke - THROW IT AWAY

Apparently I am a rap journalist so mayb its time to talk about some rap again...

Vanilla Ice lookalike and rare butterfly collector THREE SIXXTY has released a new single from his bumper Spring album featuring the infamous JOSH PYKE. The song is called THROW IT AWAY and it is an examle of everything that is wrong with the youth of today.

" yo i dont wanna work till i'm 50
and spend wot i've earned till i'm 60 " (pun intended?)

360 wears his bullshit generation-y entitlement issues on his sleeve, laying the hate on people who have to work for a living while rhyming over drums softer than Ke$ha's ass. A Triple J hottest 100 contender! A surefire hit among people who vote Liberal, do tax returns and put sugar on their Weetbix.  *click here to like this on facebook* My recommendation? Turn 360 degrees and walk away!

"forvive me, maybe its my lack of sleep
but i feel lke i hav 2 dream!"

Of course 360, you are never able to get any sleep. Your life as a coolhunting rebel on the wild side of the flannelette shirt debate is hard. Guess what dude, Your Boy Bangs had a rough life as well, growing up in Sudan, and he never came across as a whiney teenager writing in his dream diary. He goes hard.

However if everything goes to plan 360 will not have to work very hard at all, you can buy his songs on itunes for the low low price of $2.19 and he even released a clean version you can buy for your grandma. But hey, its not like he lets the money control him or anything!

Check out 360's site on the world wide webbizone


  1. I think I sense just a touch of sarcasm here... hahaha.

    1. Mate, this whole website is a piss take on CNN, which is known for fake news.

  2. Pffffft, you're not a rap blogger ;)

  3. Def Jam Rapstar, what a buy!

  4. btw, if you turn 360 you end up facing the same way, you dont turn away?

  5. where the lyrics to this song???

  6. good english dickhead

  7. shitty ass review

  8. This dude sounds jealous? Every rapper thats made it raps about their life you douche. Obviously you don't put sugar on your Weatbix cos your english is at a 6th grade level. Oh and so is your maths "Turn 360 degrees and walk away!".
    Stupid, Stupid Cunt.


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