Actor James Woods Dead

A sad day for Hollywood, it has been announced that famous star James Woods has died.

Two weeks after disappearing during a police chase, the body of actor James Woods has been found and preliminarily identified.

On Tuesday a Fort Wayne pathologist conducted an autopsy on Woods’ body. The test found Woods had died by drowning and that his death was accidental.

On April 30th, Woods reportedly ran from police after being involved in a car accident with his girlfriend, less than a mile from where his body was found.

Police said he was last seen running along the banks of the river near the intersection of Miami and Lincolnway East, when an officer said he heard a "splash."

"His last words to me were that he promised he'd call when he made it, wherever he was going,” Woods’ girlfriend Ashley James recalled.

With no phone call, loved ones handed out flyers for more than a week, hoping they’d locate Woods alive.

Then on Monday afternoon, South Bend firefighters pulled Woods' body from the St. Joseph River near Howard Park.

"When we got that phone call we just took off. We knew it was him and it was so hard,” Woods’ older sister Latasha Brown said.

Crews rushed to the scene and pulled the body floating downstream.

Autopsy results showed no bruise marks or injuries consistent with such action. Even so, St. Joseph County Metro Homicide is conducting its own investigation just to be safe.


  1. what a tragedy r.i.p james woods

  2. dude, this sucks.. did they reference him in family guy or am i imagining things?

    1. Yes this week's show of Family Guy also made reference of his death...

  3. @Ross I dunno about Family Guy but I know he was a guest on The Simpsons

  4. R.I.P. .... omg a lot of amazing actors died in the last few years.

  5. i dont really know him much.. but RIP

  6. i recognize his face. thousands of people die everyday so why is an actor dying something special?

  7. So i dont know where you got your info but a quick search will tell you that he is not dead and is very much alive with a film coming this year

  8. aaaaa SHoooot didnt click the link until aaaaaaaafter i posted ha you got me bro

  9. I have to call bull on this one. It's too hard to believe.

  10. Awww I was about to comment about his death but then I clicked the link.... YOU GOT ME!!!

  11. I remember him being on Family Guy!

  12. First Bill, now James!!? RIP

  13. Fail. Not hollywood's james woods. fail

  14. People, you do know that the article linked says that the James Woods that died was 23 right?

    James Woods the actor is 64. Now unless James Woods found the fountain of youth and died subsequently afterwards, the actor is very much alive.


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