Everything You Wanted to Know About Touhou But Were Afraid to Ask

Touhou Project (also known as Tha Shrine Maidenz) is a series of so called Japanese "video games" where the player controls a lolita girl who has to shoot down enemy foreigners. Hundreds of Touhou games have been produced so far and the trend shows no sign of stopping. The franchise has become wildly popular in recent years, giving birth to several comic books and action figures depicting the Touhou gang.

The magic of Touhou started in 2002 with the release of "The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil", an RPG (rolling play game) in which the object of the game is to rape a young girl on a subway platform. An important part of the game is avoiding the police patrols which will attempt to put a stop to your activities. To survive you will need to collect the powerups to increase your abilities and grab the magic 'spell card' which destroys all enemies on the screen. Players are awarded points for how quickly and efficiently they are able to complete the task at hand, and are ranked on a high score leaderboard online. The best players compete at the highest difficulty level; "lunatic", and compete for bragging rights on the high school playground or around the office water cooler.

Did you know: Touhou is a Japanese word literally translated as "girl with fat thighs"

Marisa Kirisame, one of the most popular Touhous


Touhou has become one of the most popular anime franchises in mainstream Japanese culture, even winning multiple design awards around the world and being recognised by Andy Warhol who installed all the games on his laptop after obtaining the files at a LAN party. Recently it has started to gather steam in different countries around the world, becoming a favourite of young girls everywhere.

The rabid Touhou fans gather each year at Comiket, a Japanese comic book convention, to swap comics and engage in LARP (live action role playing) of their favourite character. It is common for fans of the series to produce their own fan works, including video games, dioramas and symphonies. Sony, the original creator of Touhou, encourages the creativity within the fanbase.

Did you know: Each year Japan exports over 700 tonnes of "hugging pillows" featuring Touhou characters.

The popularity of Touhou is due to the amount of characters in the franchise. There are well over 100 unique characters to collect (all of them female), each with their own loyal fanbase. Currently the most popular girl is Cirno, the ice demon.

In 2008 there was controversy over Touhou when a young boy brought a gun to school and shot 4 of his classmates after playing a Touhou game. This caused the Japanese government to crack down on "bullet hell" shooters, a genre of video games where players must shoot everyone and make them go to hell. Although bullet hell games where real people die are becoming increasingly rare in the marketplace.

Did you know: Pop sensation Justin Bieber owns a Touhou plushie.

With Touhou characters such as Miku Hatsune becoming well known in the West through Youtube, advertising and other media is it only a matter of time before the franchise becomes a worldwide hit into the future and beyond. Excelsior!


  1. things just keep getting weirder and weirder

  2. I know this was a joke but..

  3. I understand that it takes alot of talent to do things like that, but gez about 90% of all anime or japanimation is like really odd, but thats just my opinion

  4. >Touhou characters such as Miku Hatsune
    Miku isn't a Touhou character

  5. Daaaang, this blog is BUSY! Love it!

  6. Goddamnit, why did someone post something like this!? )I know you're trolling, I just like to raint) Touhou ain't anything like this, it's way better. (Loyal Touhou fan) And that isn't Marisa.. That's Tinkerbell with a fat ass. Touhou is a vertical scrolling bullet hell game with complex patterns to dodge, goddamnit I wanna kill the you, whomever you are who posted this so bad, you deserve to die slowly and painfully.

  7. this is quite true, well done who ever posted this

  8. Loyal Touhou Fan and I lmfao :D

  9. Oh god can we have the real Marisa please Master Spark the idiot who wrote this? I believe their intelligence level is that of Cirno. This is absolutely not what Touhou is about. Please don't go around making up such stupid reviews and giving people the wrong impression of Touhou. I can tell that from some of your information, you do know about it, so maybe you should go through once more and do it CORRECTLY. Being a fan as loyal to Touhou as Sakuya is to Remilia, it sickens me to see people doing this and making others believe things that are not true.

  10. You're so fucking stupid. Miku Hatsune is NOT a touhou character! She's a vocaloid. Get your facts right ass hole, also the game isn't about rape or whatever you claim. That's not any Touhou character. That's a fat fucking tinker bell. It's just weird fan art. You are an idiot, asshole, and stay out of our community. Thanks asshole. I actually came here for legit info and I get this. Whatever.

  11. The guy who wrote this has autism.


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