Jay-Z DECODED in his new book!

THE new best-ever bestseller "Decoded" is all about the Jigga Man breaking down some of his famous rap lyrics and telling u the story behind them. It took a long time for the publisher to convince Jigga to write the book, he kept telling them that he doesnt write...he just makes up entire books in his head.
In this article I will give some examples of the hidden meaning behind the raps.

Jay-Z rapped: "Your homie Hov in position, in the kitchen with soda"
He really meant: Jay-Z may pop up in your kitchen when you least expect it and offer you a cold drink. What a bro.

Jay-Z rapped: "Show 'em how to move in a room full 'o vultures"
He really meant: "Be careful when moving around the aviary, sudden movements can startle the birds. Watch the way I move and try to follow"

Jay-Z rapped:
"you was a ballerina I got your pictures I seen ya"
He really meant: This means exactly what it says; its what Jay-Z says when he goes to watch ballet and meets the performers backstage.

Jay-Z rapped: Big Pimpin'
He really meant: It's a typo, the song is actually about Scottie Pippin and the size of his arms.

Jay-Z rapped: "The year's ninety-four and my trunk is raw"
He really meant: "I caught a terrible STD in 1994"

Jay-Z rapped:
"I can help shorty blow out like Afro-Sheen
Plus I can relive my days of youth which is gone
That little nigga's peeps, it's time to put him on"
He really meant: "I made a young Memphis Bleek suck my dick"


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