RAP CELEBS spotted in tha wyld!

Aussie hip hopper TRILL was seen at a popular beach, he kept swimming out to the buoys and messing around with them. This activity has prompted the coastguard to nickname him 'The buoy fiddler'. Apparently the young man cannot keep his hands off the buoys. Gulls remain unaffected by his nefarious activities.

I saw the famous rapman MEMPHIS BLEEK in the flesh. He was quite friendly, approaching and eating pellets out of my hand. He even let me pat him on the head and run my fingers through his hair before he suddenly tried to bite my hand off!

Rap spinner DJ REFLUX was spotted at a local club. He kept stealing records from the DJ's crate while they weren't looking and cutting the corners off the record sleeves. He appears to be storing these in a modified stamp album.

Popular rap know-it-all BLUEBIRD (from those forums) was seen swimming around in the Tasman Sea. Apparently he was on a flight to New Zealand when he suddenly stood up and said "I can't take it anymore, I'm in an aeroplane over the sea? This is too mainstream for me!" then somehow managed to open the emergency exit and jump out, creating a torrent of explosive decompression that claimed my Palm Pilot. I hope he had a parachute and a pretty good life raft in his carry on luggage!


  1. Yes, it is very important to keep your hand flat when feeding Memphis Bleek. You don't want to lose a finger!

  2. If Arizona and France are talking " GER" and that is two weeks ago..you are about a month behind in our blogs for OSIRIS- HYDRA- PETWOOD.
    BTW, OBS HO for PEZ and GE and RITE AIDE.


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