Skiphopz is back with a bumper travel issue. In this new regular feature I will tell you how to travel the world and become a more cultured citizen of the internet like me.

Gay Paree is situated conveniently in the middle of Europa and is a favourite destination of travelpeople around the world. There are many attractions to see and try, such as standing around near the Eiffel Tower (a French knockoff of the Statue of Liberty) and eating sticks of bread called Yiros. While you're in the country, why not partake in some of the famous cheeses and wines? Some of the most popular are 'heroin' and 'cocaine'.

Getting around in France is easy, you can rent one of the famous European hatchbacks such as the Ford Focus. I would not recommend riding a bicycle in France because based on what I've seen on TV you have to be PRETTY FUCKING GOOD.

Other popular French pass times include having gay sex and visiting the museum of French War Heroes (don't worry, it only takes a few minutes).

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  1. Lol. Yeah, I'm just not pretentious enough or good enough on a bicycle for France.


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