OMG its Trilly Tuesdays!

Following the popularity of Casual Fridays, Snitching Saturdays and Wanking at School Wednesdays, there is another weekly date that real headz have programmed into their Palm Pilot(TM)...TRILLY TUESDAYS.

Aussie lad THE TRILL (a.k.a The Buoy Fiddler (see earlier post)) has uploaded an amazing 29 songs so far, with a new song appearing someday between Monday and Wednesday every week. I checked out a few songs to give u my expert opinion...

Track 29 "At the Speed of Life"
This is an amazing ballad that we can all relate to, the whole song is about getting on a bus. Apparently fare dodging on public transport is a core theme for Trill.

Track 19 "Cool Story Bro"
Bros tuning in expecting to hear a song with many cool stories will be disappointed by this track. Its an emo ballad that drags on for about 15 minutes.

Track 16 "Tradie Money"
Now we get to hear THE TRILL rap about how poor he is, with so many levels of irony its hard to work out wtf is happening. This song is about 5 minutes too long.

Check out all da bangers at http://www.trillytuesdays.com/

Rapper Report Card
,._.,-*^~*-,._.,-~>TRILL THE BUOY FIDDLER<~-,._.,-*~^~*-,._.,

Vocabulary: 7

Articulation: 5

Creativity: 9

Originality: 8

Versatility: 8

Voice: 5

Records: 1

Stage Presence: 6

Sticking to Themes: 10

Innovating Rhythms: 7

SCORE: 66/100
"see me after class"


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