Aussie Rap Celeb Sightings

Hip hop hottie IGGY AZALEA was smoking hot at Bondi Beach yesterday. She was directing some young children to build a BMX track out of sand. Somebody tried to explain that you cant ride bikes on sand and the tide was coming in but she soldiered on regardless.

I just had a close encounter with the main man CHANCE WATERS at McDonalds. He was holding up the drive-thru by ordering nothing but fries and salads, asking the cashier how the lettuce and potatoes were transported. After delivering his monologue he eventually drove away without getting anything.

Rap battle dude DECOY was allegedly seen officiating a rap battle between 2 dogs in a supermarket carpark. He gave up after his Shure SM58 became covered in drool, declaring that the dogs had squashed the beef and it was time to move on.

I saw rapping sensation 360 at my local gym, he is there all the time. Once again he was wiping sweat off the exercise machines and squeezing it into tiny green bottles, I couldn't get close enough to read the yellowing labels. I hope he gets enough sweat!


  1. hahah not even 360 but sickk as...

  2. Oh no shit skalayd? Thanks for pointing that out dickhead

  3. hahaha funny as fuck. especially 'emcee skalayd'

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