Gabe Newell Dies of Heart Attack


(This story is still developing)
Celebrated game designer Gabe Newell is dead. According to official sources he died in hospital this morning following a heart attack.

Gabe was like a father to us all

Newell was rushed to Fair Oaks hospital after complaining of chest pains during a morning cycle earlier today, according to official sources. Efforts to save the game designer failed at around 6:30 AM. The death has come as a shock to friends and family, who report that Newell was in good health up until the massive heart attack ended his life

After having dropped out of Harvard University Newell spent thirteen years working for Microsoft Corporation, ultimately becoming a "Microsoft Millionaire". Newell has described himself as "producer on the first three releases of Windows". Inspired by Michael Abrash, who left Microsoft to work on the computer game Quake at id Software, Newell and another Microsoft employee, Mike Harrington, left Microsoft to found Valve in 1996. He and Harrington used their money to fund Valve through the development of Half-Life.

Gabe Newell was loved by many fans around the world, he will be remembered as one of the hardest working game designers of the last century. Thousands of fans have expressed their shock and grief on social networking websites such as Twitter, with famous people contributing and offering support to the friends and family as well. Lifelong friend Adam Sessler Tweeted 'I can't believe he is really gone...the world is poorer for it'. Gabe Newell was 49 years old.


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