Jimmy Fallon Dead Following Drug Overdose

(This story is still developing)
Influential comedian Jimmy Fallon was found dead in his Los Angeles home earlier this morning, according to police.


Rumors of the death started circulating the internet via Twitter a few hours ago and they were recently confirmed by Fallon's publicist. Although the cause of death was not mentioned it is suspected that drugs were involved. What is known at this point is that at approximately 6:40 EST a family member checked him into Palo Alto Memorial Hospital of an apparent overdose, and the former comedian died a few hours later. The death has come as a surprise to many who were unaware of his ongoing battle with drugs, which was kept well hidden from the media.
Jimmy was goonin' until the day he died, R.I.P
Jimmy Fallon was best known for hosting Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, a late-night talk show that aired on NBC. Prior to that he was best known as a cast member on Saturday Night Live from 1998-2004, as well as for appearing in several films.

Jimmy Fallon was loved by many fans around the world, he will be remembered as one of the most influential comedians of the last century. Thousands of fans have expressed their shock and grief on social networking websites such as Twitter, with famous people contributing and offering support to the friends and family as well. Lifelong friend Will Ferrell Tweeted 'I can't believe he is really gone...the world is poorer for it'. Jimmy Fallon was just 37 years old.


  1. TOTAL LIE!!! You should be ashamed of yourself for wishing bad karma on good people, just because your jealous of their lives! Its all good... karma is a bitch and she will get you!

  2. loved and missed by many r.i.p.

  3. what a fuckin shame another great one falls from the devils dope!!!! jimmy you will be missed dearly rest in peace !!! i will prey for his family god help them get through this!!!!

  4. If you will notice, this entry was made on April 01, 2012. ... April fools day.

    1. wow they shouldnt write shit like this anyway !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. This is awesome! All of you above me are complete ham-wallets.


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