aussie rap songs for you're mom: DRAPHT - RAPUNZEL

Of course, most critics agreed when this song came out that it was one of the worst tracks ever recorded. But you're mom seems to love it. Rapunzel is mainly about a girl with long hair who broke up with Drapht, apparently he cant get over it. The guitar riff, rolling bassline, horns and lyrics about Sex in the City and Russell Crowe (R.I.P) are her cup of tea. Plus he is the most non-threatening male to ever wear a flat brim.

Who cares if Drapht was a member of SBX? He still had one of the worst tracks on Culture of Kings 3...which was a terrible compilation (full of songs you'r mom would probably love).

This is what Drapht looks like when your mom invites him over for dinner and he sits on your couch

Apparently DRAPHT has managed to get his fruityloops record The Life Of Riley on the musical charts and perform his standup rapping routine at several 'music fests', despite the fact that his album bombed so badly that the label never released a second single! lol fail

 Drapht strips off in the vocal booth to record another top 40 ballad
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