Aussie rap songs for you're mom: PHATCHANCE (Chance Waters)

PHATCHANCE (now known as "The Chance Waters") has been known to attempt insane stunts to get attention, such as getting a facepaint tattoo of his own name on his face. These crazy actions have caught the attention of our best radio producers and got him on the playlist of greatest artists ever, which is when your mum heard about him.

 Not being covered in paint was considered "too mainstream"

The young lad made a name for himself through his frequent facepaint parties held at various gay bars around Melbourne, which featured his infamous improv rapping routine. Rather than resting on his laurels, Phatchance made a music video where people painted all over his body. He accidently inhaled fumes from the paint thinner and the Inkstains album was the result. Mums around the country were captivated by the rhyming of this non-threatening lad on Inkstains, but they complained that it still wasnt soft enough so Phatchance also released an acoustic version.

Chance Waters rolling deep

Acoustic success as a crossover indie rapper was not enough for Chance Waters, and in 2012 he decided to take over the world with his new album Maybe Tomorrow (maybe this time somebody will listen to the whole thing all the way through!). It's looking good so far, several mums have already added him as a facebook friend, retweeted him and thumbed up his youtube videos.

No doubt Chance Waters is one to watch, a rising star in the mum-rap genre.
He is a friend of SKIPHOPZ.com so plz like him: http://www.facebook.com/officialphatchance

#2 on the jagermeister radio charts
Feature artist on Triple J Unearthed 2009
Voted 'lamest hook ever' on hiphopsphere.com forum poll
Queen of Facebook
Numerous battle wins on ozhiphop.com battle board
Best rap singer on Nurcha
Voted best lyricist by Womens Weekly reader poll
Playboy Playmate November 2006
#42 on itunes rap charts
Added to rotation on Triple J, a rock station ran by major queers
Nominated Aria award for best guitar strumming in a rap song (not a real award)

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