Achtung! Child Rapper 360 Missing, Feared Kidnapped!

Legendary Austrian rapper 360 has been missing since Monday and many fear he has been kidnapped.

The troubles started on Sunday night, 360's mum said he didn't return home for dinner. Earlier in the day he apparently said "I'm going out to rap". Several sources close to the 360 family say he was going to battle his nemesis Kerser (the sickest).

an artist's impression of 360 chained up in a basement, kidnapped by the Ministry of Sound

360's Facebook page went into full scale meltdown as the news spread. Many fans shared the status "Where is 360?" and expressed their outrage that his bodyguards would allow Kerser to make a move. Is this all part of Kerser's devious endgame?

The Victorian Police declined to comment on the matter. We here at Skiphopz.com hope they will join us in praying for the safe return of oz hiphopper 360.

To all the young rappers out there: please keep it on wax.

The news of 360's kidnapping comes as Kerser revealed on Facebook that he has AIDS. He contracted the fatal disease by sharing needles with his lads. Our hearts go out to Kerser and his crew of runabouts.

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