Egg Addiction Ruins Local Rap Crew

Famous rap gadabouts "The Crate Cartel" have gone into receivership (basically means they are broke as fuck and their parents had to bail them out). Have they hung up their goonbags for good?

Crate Cartel has been home to such lovable acts as "The Goatmob" and "Big Maundz" who created a stir in the local scene with their mix of rapping and power ballads for young men of the streets. But the highs of rap stardom proved too much for Crate Cartel founder Geko. While his label-mates were saving for home loan deposits or investing in stocks and bonds, Geko used his rap money to buy ever more extravagant and delicate  Fabergé eggs.

It’s hard not to see the Fabergé eggs as a metaphor for the local hip hop scene, a final, ostentatious flourish of European aristocracy: beautiful, hugely costly, useless, even silly.

Find out more and inquire about buying one of the famous eggs here: http://cratecartel.com/

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