Join the NEW SkipHopZ DOT COM Street Team!!

IN an effort to make more of u internet nerds read my blog i have decided to expand my markating stretegy by using viral stretegies of online markating in the real world...basically called a street team


  • Insert "Skiphopz dot com rules!" into the text of wikipedia articles
  • Replace Wikipedia's featured article with an article about Skiphopz dot com (needs to be written first, also make me an Austrian king in the article)
  • Product placement in movies, like a movie where you visit skiphopz.com and dont die 7 days later
  • Run up and whisper "Skiphopz dot com" into somebodys ear. Repeat 500000 times
  • Look into possibility of using those military drones
  • Put stickers with blog address all over the inside of sealed Egyptian tombs, when archeologists open the tomb they will visit the site
  • Redirect google.com to skiphopz.com
  • Sponsor junior ice hockey team, hope heartwarming story of redemption will bring viewers to blog
  • Hand out free Skiphopz energy drinks for $4 each (buy case of red bull and write SKIPHOPZ on label)
  • Build hype by dissing rival blogs
  • A weird alphabetic Chia Pet that spells out Skiphopz.com when grown
  • Look into becoming the official blog or energy drink of the 2013 Olympic Games...wherever their being held i dont know  yet
  • Record yelling "Skiphopz dot com" over the top of a Lil B mixtape and upload it to Kaazaa
  • Doo Wop (That Thing)
please leave comment below if u want to join the street team. also, if accepted i will need a sample of youre DNA.

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