Ebay removes 'RAP' category from vinyl record listings

IT has come to the attention of SKIPHOPZ that popular websight 'E-BAY' (the electronic bay) has removed hiphop/rap from it's auction listings for vinal records. What the hell do those nerds even know about RAP?

The disturbing news was revealed on Ozhiphop forums. This is nothing less than a insult to all rap listeners on the web. I am mad as hell right now...and not just because i have spent the afternoon reading spam message board posts SHOTS HAVE BEEN FIRED

ebay placed this monolith in an airport corridor to impede pedestrians

Tha relationship between ebay and the rap community has always been strained, ever since i gave some guy in brazil a 1 star rating because he sold me a Drake CD. Drake fukking sucks as we are all aware!

What can we do, as a rapping community, to force ebay to change their ways???
We will spread tha word on our' blogs and google waves. We will not rest until 'RAP' is a main category on the site, along with boats and jeans with rhinestones all over them (THE JEANS NOT THE BOATS)

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