William Shakespeare Dead at 52

Legendary English poet/playwright Will Shakespeare is dead. The tragic discovery was made by high school student Jennifer Wilkins at Boston Town Library earlier today.

"I was flicking through a biography of Will Shakespeare and it said he was dead, I was so sad I had to put the book down and let everybody know about it." She said, even as she texted the news to her friends.

The news quickly spread to Twitter and Facebook where a page dedicated to the medieval rapper's death got thousands of likes and it became a trending topic worldwide. In an incredible outpouring of creativity, wellwishers on Blingee.com have created hundreds of tributes to the great man. Pop group Linkin Park have authorised the use of their music for unofficial fan tribute videos on Youtube.

Some people were skeptical at first, as enemies of Will Shakespeare had made up fake reports of his death before. But the story was soon picked up by CNN and edited into the Wikipedia.

According to official sources, Will died in 1826 on April 23rd. The cause of death is not known, even wikipedia doesn't know. Shakespeare's family were unable to be reached for comment and his grave site cannot be located even by the latest GPS gadgets. Many Shakespeare fans have cited these anomalies as proof the writer might still be alive, some have put forth the theory that the @horse_ebooks twitter account is being run by William Shakespeare who faked his own death and leaves clues about the truth in his Twitter postings.

Whatever his true fate, MTV will be screening a special memorial for Shakespeare on Friday.

R.I.P   Will Shakespeare   1812 - 1938

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