The Pliers of Chakademus to release solo album

Following successful solo ventures by fellow Jedi Mind Tricks members Stopue and Vinne Paz, the Pliers of Chakademus is set to release its debut album 'Billion Dollar Latte'.

The Pliers got their first break on the semenal Jedi Mind album 'Violent By Design'. During recording there was a problem when a microphone cord broke and needed to be held together. Stoupe (the Enemy of Mankind) found the Pliers in a drawer in his laundry and brought them to the studio. They worked so magnificently that Jus Allah suggested they give the Pliers a bigger role on the album. Although their background vocals and production work was uncredited at the time, Vinne Paz gave the pliers a shoutout with the classic lyric "Rip off your fingers with the Pliers of Chakademus". The Pliers would later leverage this into numerous mixtape appearances. In 2009 the Pliers of Chakademus were signed to Interscope records.

The Pliers of Chakademus with Vinnie Paz at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards

The religious leanings of the Pliers have always been a hot topic of discussion among hip hop fans. Vinnie Paz has recently criticised the Pliers for not following the word of Allah. He also said the Pliers of Chakademus were not even needlenose, and therefore useless for any small work that needed to be done. The Pliers responded by calling Vinne a 'needledick' and saying they didn't want any beef but there was a differnt version if Islam for pliers (which is true) and all tools must follow their own path. The Pliers of Chakademus have a positive message for the youth that comes through in their music.

Clamps has been a worthy adversary for the Pliers but they have kept their beef on wax.

The critical reception to the new album has been mixed. Pitchfork Media was enamoured with the release, adding it to their coveted 'best new music'. The Sydney Morning Herald was less impressed, they took issue with the repetitive beats "Which sound like a pair of pliers opening and closing," and the 'lyrics' which are apparently "A combination of metallic clanking and grinding noises." Highlights on the album include the diss track to Clamps of Futurama and the titular song, a 7 minute epic featuring Vinnie Paz. Rapper Ludacris features on 8 of the 12 songs on the album.

Billion Dollar Latte is available for preorder at Soulclap Records and Next Level Records.
It is available for download from Kazaa and Limewire.

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