it has come to the attention of SKIP HOPZ DOT COM that the global warming hoax is still tricking some unsurspecting newspapper writters and sciencepeople. here I will tell u the facts of the mattar...

let me explain, for 1 thing, that scientists and sciencewomen dont even agree on the basic "facts".
  • is the sea level rising or falling? (hint: tide goes in, tide goes out)
  • is hotness measured in celsius or farenheight?
  • what temp does ice melt at?
  • is the sun orbiting closer to earth during warm period? (known as "sun orbit theory")


some ppl would tell u that an extreme hurricane or storm happen because globe is warming...WRONG! using this same logic I can suggest that adolf hitler was feeling a bit warm when he declared world war 1. what if the austrian archduke was feeling a bit warm so he decided to take a stroll into the fire of a gunman??? OH NO GLOBAL WARM IS DA MAJOR VILLAN!!! KILL WHITEY!!!

also allow me to mention that hurricane arent exactly a warm thing...

"oh no, warming caused this hurricane!!!" (said a dumb person)

the so called "solution" for the alledged warming? these blockheads propose to put a TAX on carbon.


FIRST of all, carbon is SIMPLE HIGH SCHOOL BIOLOGY that exist within every single cell in the planet. u cant put a tax on that...it would be like putting a tax on smoking weed. the goverment has no right to control it. for example the goverment puts a ban on ricin and walter white can cook up a batch in his meth lab no problem. BAM. your dead...

SECONDLY, carbon is only 0.1% of the air. even if u put a total ban on carbon (zero tolerance policy) we will have 99% global warming! and thats incredible!


how about this: turn on a air conditioner (a wonderful invention these hippies and Al Gore probably never heard of). problem solved. #dealwithit
better yet...build bigger air conditioner all over the polar ice...no more warming. ron paul was saying this since 2008.

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