BEVAN'S BIT'S #1 - guest column by Bevan B

alright maggots, put down your goon bag for 1 sec and pay some fuckin attention becoz i have been granted this regular job postin shit for skiphopz.com...one of the dopest sites on the web. and centrelink told me i cant turn down a job. and i didnt even run this shit through a spell checker cause the editor here dont give a fuck. real shit from the streets of rural NSW where i rep from

first off i want to give a big FUCK YOU to those guys who are hosts and runners of the rap battles we have seen happen around this sunburnt land of our's. these rap battle running cunts are wack fucks who have no talent and need the battles they run to make a name for themselfs because there music is pure crap and they can not emcee. FACT: put a grand on it

on the message boards of OZHIPHOP.COM a recent topic has been emcees who are underrated. i want 2 give a shout out to some of my favorite real aussie emcees. KAYE is a mad bloke proud to be from nsw we have some of the best emcees and writers in our state alot of dope hip hop coming out of nsw lately. CANNIBAL TRIBE are sum of the hardest cunts out. LOSTY is a real creative dude and could be the next Aussie Eminem (one of my favorite rappers)

u may see me around gigs or at your local train station in these states nsw wa qld and maybe vic soon. so check out my music and hit me up on myspace... http://www.myspace.com/bevanb