Jay-Z's Career Shows Warming Trend, 95% of Experts Agree

A new report by the International Panel on Rapping has concluded that rapper Jay-Z's career is hotter than ever and shows no signs of cooling down.

The 400 page report is the largest and most detailed summary of Jay-Z ever undertaken, produced by thousands of rappers, DJs, and reviewers from dozens of countries. It confirms that Jigga's beats and lyrics are indeed hot, and are warming at a greater rate than initially predicted.

The report has been the subject of criticism. Skeptics contend that Jay-Z's weaker albums are not sufficiently incorporated in the report. Others regard the IPR as too conservative in its estimates of the source of warming, arguing that the strength of Jay's music is due to the world-class producers he works with, not his lyrical content or delivery. Some have even suggested that the report is a fabrication by iTunes with the assistance of Amazon.com and it ignores the obvious fact that Reasonable Doubt is Jigga's hottest album, hands down.

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