New Facebook Craze "Sitting" Takes Internet by Storm

A growing fad that involves lying down in a chair with torso/legs bent at a 90 degree angle has taken the world wide web by storm.

The meme has been named "sitting" or "the sitting down game" and has become popular on social networking site "Facebook.com". Users snap pictures of themselves and friends doing the infamous "sitting" in a chair and upload for all to see. Many have found that these so-called "chairs" provide an excellent platform for "sitting". Others sit on makeshift equipment like a boulder or rotten log.

Rap superstar Kerser does the famous"sitting"

Some cutting edge users have pushed this new meme to the limit, experimenting with "sitting gangam style" (swinging legs while sitting) and "sitting harlem shake" (having a seizure while sitting).

Several students report that their schools have already banned "sitting" because it disrupts lessons and is a safety issue. One teenager allegedly suffered a stroke after "sitting" for an extended period of time and drinking a can of Fanta. 

An example of correct "sitting" technique

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